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Just great
01 November, 2015
“A really amazing toy. You can enter all the cd as easily as you ever hoped to do it. The scan works perfectly well. ” — DMarcel
Love it
09 October, 2015
“I love both this app and the movie app. They keep me from buying duplicate discs.” — Patrick Burns
05 October, 2015
“I am going to enjoy this. And thanks for fixing the sync so quickly. Tou deserve a 6******” — Ndlalambi Sibeko
Nice to have
11 September, 2015
“I have used various desktop editions of this program for 10+ years. While the iOS version doesn't have all of the functionality of the desktop version, it does allow me to check the information on the go. It syncs efficiently with my desktop version.” — Jonathan Oz
Great App
17 August, 2015
“Beyond what I was looking for.. thank you” — bryan simmons
04 August, 2015
The best music catalogue app by it.” — Paul Dobson
The best!!!!
23 June, 2015
“You guys are the best!!!! A gem of an app. To bad I could only give it 5 stars!” — Brian Mc Laine
inally 3.0
19 June, 2015
“After some initial problems, it works like a charm now. As a long-time user, this is exactly what I was hoping this app would eventually turn into.” — Bjørn Scharloo
Good stuff!
15 June, 2015
“Really love the new version of the app hence the 5 star rating ! The only thing I wish was added is the capability to sort by band name and then the original year the cd was released !!” — FRANK LANGILLE
What I was looking for
12 June, 2015
“This is what I wanted years ago when Collectorz first announced mobile apps. It took a while, but they came through.” — Tom Brincefield
12 June, 2015
“I am going to enjoy this. And thanks for fixing the sync so quickly. You deserve a 6******” — Ndlalambi Sibeko
11 June, 2015
“Thanks for bring CLZ Cloud functionality to the Music app.” — Chris Brown
Excellent Cloud-base Database
27 May, 2015
“Admittedly this is not a cheap App it does however work extremely well and of course some of the few (a one off by the way) goes to maintain the cloud storage.
There are a few perfections but the developer is improving the App all the time. I would like editing power over the track titles but otherwise it is first rate.
The scanner function works well in most cases and where it doesn't. The manual search finds what you need (I only have one disc I cannot find listed from over 1500 CDs and vinyl records, so I am happy with that.” — Uncle Drewford
08 May, 2015
“Finally, a decent and good-looking music database! Love it! Now, the thing that would make it a masterpiece would be to integrate music listening apps to it. For example, I search for a piece of music that I have in my collection at home while im on the road, and there's a button that allows me to search for that same song on Spotify or Beats so i can have my music collection available online.” — Pepetalk
Very useful addition....
05 March, 2015
“.... to the desktop version which I use to keep track of my vinyl collection when I'm out and about. Easily syncs my collection over a Wi-Fi connection. Occasional glitch when it fails to connect loses it a star but apart from that minor issue I'm very pleased with the app.” — Kevin Cross
One of the most used app on my phone
01 March, 2015
“5 stars for the app as it is perfect to keep my album collection up to date. 99% of the albums I scanned were directly found and the manual search found the remaining 1%. Only few bugs and slowness that will be fixed in the future releases I am sure. However, 2 stars for the support team.” — Rostopofolokolovich
It works fine now! The best in genre.
21 February, 2015
“The title says it all...” — Home_Phone_Et
CLZ Music
27 December, 2014
“Easy to use... Very helpful... Bit expensive, but it worth it...” — RudyDangerAngel
Fungere fint
26 December, 2014
“Denne App fungere fint og helt efter hensigten. Nem at anvende og laver et fint katalog, der kan sync i skyen.” — Jørgen
Good stuff!
17 November, 2014
“Really love the app hence the 5 star rating !” — FRANK LANGILLE
Solid cataloguer
15 September, 2014
“This app gets better with every iteration. Works best as a companion to the excellent desktop or web based programs from Collectorz. So useful having my whole collection listed so I don't buy duplicates.” — Ged_UK
Review of CLZ Music App
26 June, 2014
“This works great! Being able to scan saves a ton of time. Thank you for the App, worth the money if you have a large CD Collection.” — buconyr
Excellent product
23 April, 2014
“An excellent product to get your music catalogue onto Android device. Using USB the data file can be written to your USB or internal memory and the application updated quickly.” — John Spillett
Great app
23 April, 2014
“So far everything I've scanned comes up, but the 14.99 price is a bit steep, but it's the easiest app I've found so far to keep track of my large cd library.” — JustJack2000
Parfait complément
19 April, 2014
“Parfait complément à Music Collector. Très utile pour avoir sa base d'albums constamment avec soi.” — Emmanuel Triau
12 March, 2014
“I like this application” — Maurepas Auguste
01 March, 2014
“The interface is intuitive and the application is stable. Barcode scanning works very well (autofocus helps when available on newer devices). The scanner negates the need for their scanner-only app if one uses their desktop software. The online sync helps keep PC + mobile + web completely unified. Some may find this solution pricey compared with competitor options, but from my experiments, their suites are the reference by which all others should be measured.” — Audio Otaku
01 February, 2014
“I am totally impressed with everything the producer of this app offers. The app gives a very comprehensive database which allows storing & searching under a variety of criteria. The support online and by contacting the app's producer is second to none. I am a very happy purchaser.” — Oh Doh
Excellent addition to excellent product
13 January, 2014
“Fantastic! I can now view my entire music collection on my phone wherever I happen to be. The import (via WiFi) worked perfectly and took about a minute. Great App.” — Erik N
La millor aplicació per música
11 January, 2014
“Excel·lent per tenir controlada la col·lecció de música. Molt content i molt útil!” — José Antonio Hernández Tudela
Works great
06 December, 2013
“I have to say I am enjoying using this. The data available could better but I assume it will be as more people contribute to it.” — PK1957
Clz disc organizer
28 September, 2013
“Works as advertized. Worth the money.” — AG 2013
21 September, 2013
“Collecting done right. Your stuff and people rawk out loud!!!!” — Chris Crowley
Great app
06 August, 2013
“And finally I just wanna say that this is a great app. Has helped me avoiding buying music that I already have (and I have a lot).” — Arild
Niet meer verplicht om de desktop software te upgraden
08 February, 2013
“Ik gebruik de app alleen maar om te checken of ik CD's al heb als ik in de winkel sta, en heb geen behoefte om de perfect werkende desktop versie te upgraden.
Goede zet dus!” — Tee-joo
Very good
25 January, 2013
“This is the best software to catalog my collection of CD covers everything.
Very good recommend.” — Moryart
Just Rocks!
22 January, 2013
“You can use your wish list and show proof to what you have for you Beatle collection.” — RichK90113
Great Program
22 January, 2013
“I have over 6,000 books catalog end and over in Collectorz. It is great to be able to carry around the knowledge of everything that I own. It has saved me many times from buying duplicated.
This is a program that you can easily is also used by the developers. The program is very optimized for speed of entry and flexibility. This app does what it says very bell and integrate well with the PC version.” — Happy User for over 4 years
Finally! What an app!
22 January, 2013
“Finally i can see my collection on the go and syncing could not be easier!
Thanks guys!!!” — ParanoiD6666
Top app!
22 January, 2013
“Geweldige app om je muziekcollectie in bij te houden (ipad/laptop), te delen met anderen (online) en altijd bij je te hebben (iphone). De sync functie maakt het mogelijk en makkelijk; nooit meer met dubbele albums thuiskomen... :-).” — spadille72
I like it
22 January, 2013
“Super” — Guido Deprez
Clz Music Collector
22 January, 2013
“What an Awesome Top Shelf App! Just love it, thanks” — BigGun55
21 January, 2013
“Works as designed it's great like all the applications from
I have been using Movie, Music, Photo & Mp3 collector for over 10 years.
They are the best!” — Kalman8
Very useful app
21 January, 2013
“Years ago I used to carry a bulky printout of my music collection with me, to use when I went to record stores (that's what we called them then), in order to avoid purchasing duplicates.
Now, with this extremely useful Music Collector app, I always have my entire music database with me. It is definitely one of the best apps on my iPhone.” — M35d
Collector Z Music - Collectors Dream
21 January, 2013
“Fantastic product for organizing a large music collection. I have nearly 2,000 vinyl albums and over 1,000 CD's. CollectorZ Music puts them at my fingertips. Instantly find an album with complete contents if album or CD.
Best part it interacts with my iPhone and iPad. Keeps me from buying duplicates.” — Larry N
Wouldn't be without it!
21 January, 2013
“Used to hate buying vinyl and CDs only to find when I got home, I already had a copy but now with this app, it's just a case of a quick look at me phone and job's a good 'un. :))” — Araimay
Superb app
21 January, 2013
“Really good app for your music collection, gets better and better with every update. With the latest version for iPad/iPhone they really nailed it.
Superb support, quick answer and always very helpful.” — ConnyOlivetti
Great App. Essential for the serious collector
21 January, 2013
“A must for those who take their music collection serious.
The Collectorz company excells also in great customer support!” — Xpawn
Great product!
21 January, 2013
“Very happy with it!” — Maarten van Zutphen
21 January, 2013
“Werkt perfect, kan overal mijn collectie laten zien.” — Dennis van Brandenburg
It's the best
21 January, 2013
“Really really excellent app. I'm waiting the new update supporting multi language fonts. Greek and Foreign.” — Filter Ego
CLZ Music
21 January, 2013
“Naprosto perfektní,po aktualizaci nemám co vytknout.” — abroll
Clz Music
21 January, 2013
“Works fine for me” — RonAbes
Top drawer app
21 January, 2013
“OMG did not think it possible you guys are the best keep up the excellent development” — theledgend
Great tool now with cloud technology
21 January, 2013
“I have entered the world of serious CD collecting and have decided to start with the support of software. After some searches my selecion ended on Collectorz with one small limitation - it was not cloud based.

But with the CLZ Music 2 release my dream came true. Now I have fill desktop functionality on my NB as well as full acess to my collection from any device (iPhone, iPad). It is very handy when ever I shop for new CDs or chat with friends and we review each other new arrivals.” — Mantazu

17 January, 2013
“Per chi, come me, possiede tanti dischi, abbinata al programma per pc, e' l'applicazione perfetta. Adesso non rischio più di comprare due volte lo stesso CD. È non devo andare più in giro con la stampa cartacea dell'elenco dei dischi che ho. Non capisco alcune recensioni negative, appena installata e sincronizzata, tutto ha funzionato per il meglio. Grande!” — anurie2004
Unica nel suo genere
17 January, 2013
“FANTASTICA!!!!!” — Gnagnoo
Very Nice App!
30 November, 2012
“Almost perfect! But who is that, really !” — Lars Borch Nielsen
Great App
24 November, 2012
“I have used CLZ Movie Collector for years. So I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday sale and get Music Collector along with this app. (For now you need the desktop software to use this app.) It took me about 10 hours to completely catalog my collection of about 200 CD's. I was very happy with this because I have a number of oddball items that I had to manually type in the names of all the tracks.

For any recent or more mainstream disks it is easy to add to your collection by using either bar codes or scanning the CD Itself.
I also scanned any covers that we're not available online. So with newer discs you can probably catalog 30-50 per hour. Bar codes are quickest (of course you need a scanner for this).
I haven't used it yet to catalog any digital files so I can't comment on that but it's great for what I wanted to do with it.” — mrbb2000

20 November, 2012
“This is the perfect accompaniment to the desktop app.” — mlg238
06 November, 2012
“Best ever.” — Harold Fidler
13 October, 2012
“More than 5 years using collectorz........fantastic!!!” — Carlo giacomo Cocirio
25 September, 2012
“Excellent app” — Erik Van de gehuchte
13 September, 2012
“La única y por lo tanto mejor aplicación para mantener tu biblioteca de música controlada. Sólo le veo 2 "mejoras":

1. para funcionar, tienes que tener también el programa en tu ordenador
2. sería muy interesante poder entrar los datos también a traves de la app

Cuando tenga esto, le daré la quinta estrella” — Quijote58

Muito Fácil de usar
11 September, 2012
“Ainda estou usando para testes e aprender com um banco de dados menor. Estou atualizando meu banco de dados com cerca de 2.300 álbuns. Muito bom.” — Rohonczy
Clz is great
24 June, 2012
“Great app.” — BassEddie
Collectorz music
15 June, 2012
“Appli très sympa. C'est un vrai plus de pouvoir consulter toute sa collection sur son iPhone !” — Benlaurom
CLZ music
01 June, 2012
“As a working dj, although i use mainly computer based media players i also have a back up twin cd player. I need to be able to find songs in my cd collection quickly obviously and also need a quick and easy method of adding details of new cds.
CLZ is the perfect solution. If my computer went down completely i can still find songs quickly having imported the collection to my mobile phone.
Highly recommended! Excellent bit of software.” — Djbobleeds
Great app
19 May, 2012
“Excellent support.” — Gary Good
Worth every penny
18 May, 2012
“If you use Collectorz Music Collector already and have a compatible smart phone... What are you waiting for? If you don't use CMC, then check it out.” — Captain Larry Dart
24 April, 2012
“This does what it says on the box, and very well. Definitely recommended.” — Tom Sexton
Prima app!
02 March, 2012
“Prima app!” — Renzo
18 February, 2012
“so happy to find this software a couple yrs ago - love that it can keep track of my entire collection in all it's varying formats!
even better that I can keep it with me now on my ph!” — crystally312
Einfach, Spitze !
07 February, 2012
“Es gibt kein besseres !” — Nikolaos Orfanakos
Can't live without it!!!
06 February, 2012
“Great app, worth every penny spent.” — jazzkovacs
No more duplicate CD purchases!
21 January, 2012
“I bought the app for my PC a couple of years ago and then the iPhone app as soon as it came out. So I went from memory to a giant printout to hoping the music store had Internet access I could use to now!!!
My entire collection listing on a device I'm going to be carrying with me anyway! I love it.” — Mookie114
Great application
21 January, 2012
“Excellente application pour avoir toute sa discothèque dans sa poche afin de pas racheter un disque Que l'on a déjà.” — ibmprc
Prima database
19 January, 2012
“De app is fantastisch en geeft een mooi beeld van mijn CD-verzameling van bijna 500 CD's.” — John vd Velden
great app
17 January, 2012
“This is a great app. It allows you to take the basic information from the database on your home computer.
I find it very helpful when at the store to remember what CD's I already have.” — fdmac
100% satisfaction
09 January, 2012
“The perfect complement to the music collector software. 100% satisfaction” — holiday
Very easy to use and simple app.
04 January, 2012
“A decent CD collection App.” — Spyraker
27 December, 2011
“It works flawless. Easy sync from PC to iPhone via WLAN. Love it!
Especially when going to the flea market or record stores looking to add to my collection.” — Jens Mandel
This is the one
26 November, 2011
“Fantastic no more duplicate albums.” — Bradleycg1
Great app!
15 November, 2011
“This is the way to never again buy duplicates of CD's you already own.
It just take some minutes to install and transfer your collection to your mobile device. Works wonderful and there is no hassle or learning to get it work.

Thank you guys for a great addition to the regular software.” — Conny T

Super app
13 November, 2011
“Makes it even more fun to have Music Collector.” — R. A
10 November, 2011
“I give this app FIVE well-earned stars because of the generally brilliant programming and customer support for ALL the Collectors apps (Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad).

To everyone who is considering downloading this... I highly recommend you do so.
I'm positive Alwin and the team will be continually working on all the CLZ apps to also jump on possible minor glitches and make the apps even better than they already are!” — Alan Hennessy

Perfect program
02 November, 2011
“It's the first time for me to have all my collection in a perfect well organized database.
Thanks” — Hossam Fawzy
Very useful app
31 October, 2011
“Years ago I used to carry a bulky printout of my music collection with me, to use when I went to record stores (that's what we called them then), in order to avoid purchasing duplicates.
Now, with this extremely useful Music Collector app, I always have my entire music database with me.

It is definitely one of the best apps on my iPhone.” — M35d

Outstanding App
30 October, 2011
“This is really an outstanding App when you also use the Collectorz music database. The both of them gives you access everywhere anytime to all data regarding your music collection, in my case classical music.
And the support the people from Collectorz are giving you is top knotch.
Exeptional nowadays. Heartily recommended.” — Xpawn
Good but basic
30 September, 2011
“Good app for basic need when carrying your catalog with you. ” — scheiner
Catalog your music
14 August, 2011
“Collectorz gives you a great way to take your music catalog on the road. You enter the details on your PC/Mac and then sync it to CLZ Music HD.
It makes good use of the iPad screen real estate and the covers look gorgeous on the screen :-)

Entry on the PC/Mac is very fast. Collectorz will scan a CD, read a bar code, or find an album by name. Once it's done that it pulls all the details from the Collectorz servers via the Internet. You just check the details and press "OK".” — MuddyDogs

29 July, 2011
“This is a great app for all users of music collectoz.
Easy to use and great to keep up with my CD collection.” — Petrus Plekker
Good way to keep track...
15 May, 2011
“This app provides an excellent facility for keeping track of one's CDs.
I have a large collection of CDs, and on occasion I have accidentaly purchased duplicates - this app does away with that problem.
Used in conjuction with the pc version CDs may be scanned or manually entered on the pc, and then synchronised with the Ipad to provide detailed information.
CD details may be viewed in different formats on the Ipad.” — MottoMaru
Great Companion
02 February, 2011
“I do quite a bit of used CD shopping, and with over 4,000 CD's it can become difficult to keep track if everything.
I already had all of my CD's cataloged in the Collectorz database in my Mac, so this app was a no-brainer. ” — Jason Junker
Great Companion App
26 January, 2011
“Been using the Music Collector software for some time now, but this app is wonderful as it allows me to carry my data around with me at all times.

Very useful when shopping to avoid duplicate purchases, or to simply reference when you want to remind yourself of some detail from your collection.” — John Kilcar

Top Bomming
01 December, 2010
“This app is top bomming for anyone who has a large CD collection.
Works perfectly, has a wonderful interface and gives full info on all CD's exported to your device via Music Collector installed on your PC or laptop.” — Jonathan Glossop
A "must buy" for the serious music fan.
06 November, 2010
“I have only had this app for an hour but it is exactly what I hoped it would be. I can say that this app used in combination with the desktop collector app is a music fan's dream combo.

My personal experience with the level of support that the desktop and iPhone apps receive is first rate and the web site very interactive.
Congrats to Alwin and team and I look forward to using this application as a coffee table book for my music loving neighbors to browse.” — Texas_Collector