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Been using clz since the beginning
23 May, 2016
“The best music database out there. Period.” — David Talley
22 May, 2016
“Simple et efficace pour gérer ses disques.” — Jean-Christophe Thomas
Love it
18 May, 2016
“I have used this app for years and it works great.” — Steve Rich
One word:
17 May, 2016
“GREAT!” — BarkinChaf
Great company & app
13 May, 2016
“Great app, has helped me many times with avoiding duplicate purchases for my 35+ year collection & for looking up album info.” — Scott Kornfeld
10 May, 2016
“Just a great app to use and easy to add and edit all my music. Keeps a good track of all my music.” — petrusjh55
Perfect solution
06 May, 2016
“I have been looking for this app for a long time. I have a medium sized record collection, most of which are over 50 years old. Just type in artist, album name then hit search. App will search the Internet and give you what it found you then select the result that best fits your album. In most cases it also includes album cover photo.
Only con so far is that you are limited to 100 in your collection. I'm sure that by paying for an upgrade it will give you more slots. So far I give it five stars. Update, still an awesome program! No crashes or freezing. And the cost to increase your data base is VERY reasonable!” — Fresburger
The Perfect CD Database
06 May, 2016
“Yesterday, found app. by accident. Intrigued, read this and comparable products' reviews. Downloaded item, quickly and easily assembled smallish CD collection in a clear, concise and wonderfully accessible way. Plus: Had difficulty downloading an album, contacted customer service and they responded in a timely, helpful and professional manner. I'm quite happy with product!” — Jmandjs
Works great
05 May, 2016
“I purchased this app quite a while ago and it works great, I've got over 4000 CD's and it helps to keep from buying duplicates. Keep up the good work.” — Michael Pitner
Best Musicdatsbase
02 May, 2016
“I really like this app. It was all I needed to keep track of my cd and vinyl collection. Easy to use and great support.” — Palle Drost
Great control on PC and Phone
01 May, 2016
“Got almost 1,000 cds under control and find this quick to maintain and easy way to check my inventory when out and about.” — Michael Marcussen
30 April, 2016
“If you have more than 1,000 CDs albums whatever you need Collectorz app. Can't live without it.” — John Van Malder
27 April, 2016
“Ik gebruik al jaren Bento dat helaas niet meer synchroniseert en vervangen is door het voor. Mij te dure Filemaker. Vandaag CLZ geinstalleerd. Nog maar een paar LP's ingebracht maar nu al onder de indruk van het gebruiksgemak. Complimenten aan de maker!” — Peterlok
Great App. Lots of great features
26 April, 2016
“For anyone who uses Music Collector from thus app is a perfect hand in hand app. It has all the features that you would expect from a music database plus the added Cloud facility to sync between PC program and hand held app. One extra bonus of a smartphone app is the ability to barcode scan your music items to add them to your database, however this shows up the one flaw in the system as 75% of barcodes I gave scanned gave No Results. I'm sure this will improve in future and it's not a reason to buy this app and the PC partner program.” — MickDude
Great App !!
25 April, 2016
“This is a great app for keeping track of your music, and for finding music you don't have yet. Love it, easy to use :D” — Masey 143
24 April, 2016
“Very handy to have when buying CDs in-store. I have bought duplicates but not anymore.” — dek G
Perfect for Vinyl
17 April, 2016
“I've been looking for a way to sort my vinyl for a long time. This is a great way to keep tabs and track what I have for myself and God forbid I need to claim it for insurance. I love the ability to find the right category numbers and cover art or just create my own and snap a photo. Thank you.” — sammies
13 April, 2016
“Really good job!” — Mr Slowhand
Collectorz Music
13 April, 2016
“I think I was one of Alvin first customers. Have enjoyed this software since the beginning and love how it has evolved. By far, the best music cataloging software available.” — Michael S
Works great
10 April, 2016
“I buy a lot of CDs and records, and usually forget what I have. Having my collection database in my pocket means I can check what I have, and not buy something I already have. Over 5,000 items in the database and working great.” — Jamie Percival
Mit barcodescanner
10 April, 2016
“Und der funktioniert wirklich gut, man scannt direkt ohne weitere Eingabe mehrere CDs, dann muss man teilweise noch eins von mehreren Treffern auswählen und fertig! Geht echt schnell!” — David Boyesen
Excellent useful app
09 April, 2016
“This app has all the features and more that I wanted in an app. Everything works as it should and some things even work better than I expected them to. This is the app every serious vinyl collector should have. Nothing else compares to it.” — Terry Mann
Love it
09 April, 2016
“Thanks also for the excellent support.” — Chris Ray
Keeps track of everything!
09 April, 2016
“I'm very happy with this app! I've put 7,500 CDs in the system and it works flawlessly.” — woosta1
Easy to use
09 April, 2016
“Easy to add vinyl records. Most of my collection is in the database. ” — RobD_M
Great aid
06 April, 2016
“Great aid in keeping track of my music!” — Thomas Roach
05 April, 2016
“I absolutely love the app and honestly can't imagine not being without it! I boast it's functionality and awesome features to all serious collectors I come in touch with. Thanks again! ” — Rob Luckie
Perfecte app
05 April, 2016
“Ik had deze app al op de mac en nu op de ipad. Werkt fantastisch en heeft alles wat een muziekliefhebber verlangd. Goed werk!!” — cj4jedi
Awesome product!
05 April, 2016
“I love being able to have the list of all music I own plus what I want at my fingertips. So easy to use and make sure that I don't buy duplicates. Awesome communication from the developers also.” — Greg Roberge
Love this program
03 April, 2016
“Scanner makes it easy to catalog my collection.” — Lisa Chick
This App is super
03 April, 2016
“Just wish I had found it and the main software about 5500 albums ago, I am finding it reasonably easy to use. Once I have got around to editing everything and checking the details of each entry, I may just throw myself a party.” — Andrew Akerman
Great app
03 April, 2016
“Highly recommend this app along with the desktop version.” — matthew patrick
Vinyl collector
02 April, 2016
“As a small Vinyl collector I really like this app. You guys did it right, I've been working with it for a couple of months so far and absolutely no issues, five stars! ” — Fresburger
Love it
02 April, 2016
“Great when out and about.” — gac 2483
Keeps getting better
01 April, 2016
“Great new version.” — Keith Latham
Works great!
31 March, 2016
“As expected the app works great, I use all Clz apps for my collecting needs, thanks!” — James Higbea
Catalog your music collection the easy way!
31 March, 2016
“Great app for cataloging your music collection and having all the details at your fingertips whilst out and about. Highly recommended!!” — edge306
Good app
30 March, 2016
“Saved me buying numerous duplicate cd's. I bought this app some time ago and it upgraded with no problem.” — Neil Perks
Easy to catalogue your albums
29 March, 2016
“We were struggling to know what albums we had, and this is a perfect way to catalogue them. The scanning facility is so quick and easy to use. Highly recommended.” — Barryb48
Love it!
29 March, 2016
“Best thing for ages. Great fun and useful.” — Cheddar 15346
Good app
26 March, 2016
“I'm enjoying this app, easy to navigate. Give it a try, all my music collection in one handy place.” — Mairuzu
Great app!
25 March, 2016
“Works perfect for my records collection - and on all platforms!” — chrishanak
Love it!!!!
23 March, 2016
“I love it. I have a large collection of CDs and this prevents me from buying duplicates. Which I use to do before I got this app.” — Mariarenteria
An Organizer's Dream
20 March, 2016
“I've been using the desktop version for years! Love that I can add from my phone. Invaluable when trying to make sure you don't buy a duplicate in your collection. ” — Dr Auggie
Love it!!
16 March, 2016
“I've had the Clz music program and app for about 7 years now and love the apps especially for shopping for new music. No more duplicates.” — Bigsteel15
Easy to use
16 March, 2016
“Great app, love the scan facility it is so easy to create a catalogue of my music. Highly recommended.” — Barryb48
Great app!
14 March, 2016
“Finally, a place to track all my CD's and digital music. Barcode scanner works great. A must have for large music collections.” — Imdawalrus
CLZ Brings It!
12 March, 2016
“If you have a large CD collection and you ask yourself "did I already buy this one?"... then you need this app. I bought the home software for my Mac and needed a way to check my collection while standing in the store where I buy my used CDs. This app is easy to use and reliable. I don't waste my time writing reviews for apps I use once in a while... This app gets used weekly if not daily. I wouldn't recommend this to casual music listeners, but if you collect, regularly discuss music, and have trouble remembering specifics about your collection... this purchase is a no-brainer... do it already.” — Cinch
The best collection app!!!!!
10 March, 2016
“I love having my collection of music at the tip of my fingers. I will never buy multiple copies and know what I have all the time. Thank you!” — Primecb7
Very Useful App
10 March, 2016
“Very Useful app ...has stopped me buying what I already have.” — Clive Burt
So far...
07 March, 2016
“This is somewhat of an early review but so far this is the app I have been searching for! Looking forward to getting my full collection recorded. Keep up the good work.” — Hwk1969
06 March, 2016
“Applicazione facile da usare, rapida nella connessione internet. Molto comoda la possibilità di sincronizzare più dispositivi.” — Iudicissa
Tres bien
06 March, 2016
“Tres bonne appli intuitif avec un stock important d'album pour retrouver facilement votre collection, avec photo et titres deja integres.. Utilisation sur iphone super !” — Singerlive
01 March, 2016
“App súper completa, me encanta.” — arrrrrrg
Long time user
29 February, 2016
“I started of with the desktop version and have been using the app for the last year. I have found both versions to be very easy to use and have recommended them to many friends. Being able to sync between both versions using the cloud is very useful.” — Julruthan
Great app!
28 February, 2016
“I have been looking for this app for a long time. I have a medium sized record collection, most of which are over 50 years old. Just type in artist, album name then hit search. App will search the Internet and give you what it found you then select the result that best fits your album. In most cases it also includes album cover photo. So far I give it five stars. P. S. Also includes CD's.” — Fresburger
A great way to keep track of your collection
28 February, 2016
“Works well on its own and can link up with the desktop version.” — PaulHaze
Great app!!
27 February, 2016
“Thanks for this amazing app! I could not be happier!” — alldaysleazy
Excellent Cloud-base Database
25 February, 2016
“This is a fantastic App. Not perfect - but how many really are, and this one has some cures for its imperfections. The scanner function works very well. Where it doesn't the manual search generally helps. There is even an upload function. Maintaining the database is where a chunk of the (one-off) fee goes. The layout is great too, with three display options. I love that I can edit the entry too as I like to have my own categories to aid my searches of my own collection. Looks expensive but well worth the price. Especially as it synchs across all your devices.” — Uncle Drewford
Great app to manage music collection
21 February, 2016
“In combination with desktop software a great combination to easily maintain your music collection.” — Beerfan_
20 February, 2016
“Just downloaded this app to put my CD collection and it is excellent. Really easy to use.” — Ar1804
Keeping the collection together
20 February, 2016
“Awesome app. Gettimg my collection in order, and I always know what I own.” — Zandberg
Great app
17 February, 2016
“So easy to use, and keep track of all my cd's and albums. I've saved money not repurchasing music I already have.” — bizaro00
Great for those large collection music lovers
17 February, 2016
“I was worried about cataloging over a thousand albums, not only for insurance but for my own piece of mind. This program allowed me to do that and so much more with its highly versatile, customisable interface. I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone interested in capturing their collection in a local or cloud based database with the intent to manage that collection in a manner which suits their own special needs.” — Etain lover
16 February, 2016
“Bought the desktop version, but did not want to pay extra for the app. Wish I had now, this is even better, and now I can "carry" my complete collection everywhere.” — Only1Wilko
Excellent app
13 February, 2016
“Best music app ever used keep up the great work.” — Gmonkey700
12 February, 2016
“Endlich ein alles umfassendes Tool um meine umfangreiche CD-Sammlung zu verwalten. Inklusive Synchronisation mit PC und Tablet. Alle wichtigen Informationen sind enthalten. Hervorragend! Dazu ein schneller und kooperativer Support. Diese App kann ich wirklich uneingeschränkt empfehlen.” — MichaelHH
12 February, 2016
“Good app; easy & fast!” — Nowisnow!
Very useful app
11 February, 2016
“The app is a great way of cataloging your music collection. It's very easy to use.” — bf Nelsinho
Does what it says on the tin
11 February, 2016
“Barcode recognition type in the odd few that fall thru the net. Easiest catalogue system I've used.” — Demondentist1