Catalog your music on iOS or Android
Download a free trial version:

Catalog your music on your iPhone or iPad

  • Easily add albums to your database:
    • scan CD barcodes with your device camera
    • or search by artist/title (great for vinyl).
  • Auto-download song lists, cover art and more.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

Download a free trial version

or just open the App Store on your device
and search for "CLZ MUSIC"

The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock to unlimited for US $15 (In-App purchase).

Browse your album list in various layouts

  • Use the List View with artists, titles and main info
  • or browse cover images in the Cover Wall view
  • Check full details in your preferred skin
  • Optimized layouts for iPad and iPhone

Sort and search your CD database

  • Scroll through in your albums in one "flat list"...
  • or group them into folders, e.g. by Artist or Year
  • Order your list by Artist, Title or Year
  • Use the Quick Search box to find a specific album

Easily add albums to your database by barcode or title

  • Add CDs by scanning barcodes:
    • Scan CD barcodes with your device camera...
    • and have your CD instantly recognized
  • Or search our online music database by artist and title:
    • Enter the artist and/or title to search...
    • then pick the correct album from the results

Automatically retrieve full album data and images

  • Artist / Composer, Title, Format, Label
  • Catalog number, Release Date, Genres
  • Number of tracks, Total Duration,
  • Full track list and Cover images

Customize your album entries using the Edit screen

  • Modify album properties (like title, format, etc..)
  • Create your own genre and tag classification
  • Track your Ratings and your wish list
  • Enter purchase info and notes

Use the free CLZ Cloud system for data backups, syncing and sharing

  • Backup your collection data in the free CLZ Cloud
  • Sync data between devices, e.g. iPhone and iPad
  • Browse your list online on the free CLZ Cloud site
  • Share your public cloud link with friends & family

Transfer data to and from the Music Collector desktop software

  • Already own the Music Collector software for PC or Mac?
  • Then seamlessly sync your data to this CLZ Music app for iOS
  • Add albums and edit entries on your mobile app
  • And sync the changes back to your desktop database


Great music app!
27 August, 2016
“There are a few items I have had to enter manually, but so far I have entered about 1100. Definitely better than a 99% success rate. If there is a better app for tracking your collection, I have not found it!” — MusicGuru63
Music list at you finger tips
22 August, 2016
“Been really pleased with this app, but had some problems at the beginning , which were me rather than faults in the app. There are couple of niggles, which the programmers are aware, and working on fixes. have sent them a few emails on the problems . they answered promptly and pointed me in the right direction 10/10 for support. It had a great layout and dhows all the info you need, and the ability to sync between devices, I can now go out a buy new music with out purchasing doubles.” — Malfunctionuk
Outstanding Database
21 August, 2016
“This is an excellent way to track your cd collection. Intuitive and and excellent search function. I have over 600 CD's loaded and it so easy to find a particular artist or track or album and then find exactly where in the collection it is.” — harry2305
This makes it SO easy!!
21 August, 2016
“I LOVE this app! Thank you so much!!” — My Shenanigans
Easy Peasy
14 August, 2016
“Aside from the odd hiccup, this app has worked great. The barcode scanner works like a charm. There have only been a few albums that I've had to enter in manually.” — MKrumbein
10 August, 2016
“Schitterende app. Van onschatbare waarde voor cd- en lp-verzamelaars. De onbetaalde versie is gratis tot 100, de onbeperkte versie kost ongeveer 15 euro maar is het geld meer dan waard!!!” — Piet Oppemoter
09 August, 2016
“Ich nutze die PC-Version und die IPad-App und bin begeistert! Einfaches erfassen, Sync über die Cloud (im PC-Abo enthalten) und nur minimaler manueller Aufwand durch direkte Erkennung. So macht das Erfassen/organisieren der Sammlung richtig Spaß!” — no-to-Accompli
Very Good
08 August, 2016
“Only started using it today but so far it is perfect. No doubt I will upgrade to the unlimited version very soon.” — NeilFow
Very good app
07 August, 2016
“This app is easy to use, has a great database behind it, and definitely the best of its type.” — steve&dylan
Brilliant app
30 July, 2016
“Great fun and a joy to use.” — Horsing ton

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