Catalog your music on iOS or Android
Download a free trial version:

Catalog your music on your iPhone or iPad

  • Easily add albums to your database:
    • scan CD barcodes with your device camera
    • or search by artist/title (great for vinyl).
  • Auto-download song lists, cover art and more.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

Download a free trial version

or just open the App Store on your device
and search for "CLZ MUSIC"

The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock to unlimited for US $15 (In-App purchase).

Browse your album list in various layouts

  • Use the List View with artists, titles and main info
  • or browse cover images in the Cover Wall view
  • Check full details in your preferred skin
  • Optimized layouts for iPad and iPhone

Sort and search your CD database

  • Scroll through in your albums in one "flat list"...
  • or group them into folders, e.g. by Artist or Year
  • Order your list by Artist, Title or Year
  • Use the Quick Search box to find a specific album

Easily add albums to your database by barcode or title

  • Add CDs by scanning barcodes:
    • Scan CD barcodes with your device camera...
    • and have your CD instantly recognized
  • Or search our online music database by artist and title:
    • Enter the artist and/or title to search...
    • then pick the correct album from the results

Automatically retrieve full album data and images

  • Artist / Composer, Title, Format, Label
  • Catalog number, Release Date, Genres
  • Number of tracks, Total Duration,
  • Full track list and Cover images

Customize your album entries using the Edit screen

  • Modify album properties (like title, format, etc..)
  • Create your own genre and tag classification
  • Track your Ratings and your wish list
  • Enter purchase info and notes

Use the free CLZ Cloud system for data backups, syncing and sharing

  • Backup your collection data in the free CLZ Cloud
  • Sync data between devices, e.g. iPhone and iPad
  • Browse your list online on the free CLZ Cloud site
  • Share your public cloud link with friends & family

Transfer data to and from the Music Collector desktop software

  • Already own the Music Collector software for PC or Mac?
  • Then seamlessly sync your data to this CLZ Music app for iOS
  • Add albums and edit entries on your mobile app
  • And sync the changes back to your desktop database


Clz music
September 17, 2016
“Great app so far. It's very nice you can see the tracks list as well!” — Maxud01
So far amazing
September 17, 2016
“Just got this app waited years to find an app like this. Having just added 4 albums at random from 2000 albums not only did it find them so quick from scanning the bar code but adding to my library was so quick. I started with the full app after adding the first album. Very impressed if it's like this with adding all my albums I will be over the moon and tell the world how good it is. I have all my albums on my laptop and often when I am out I can't recall if I have that one or not. So often end up wasting money on a second copy. Not now carry all with me. And can easy see what I fancy playing. Now if only I could stream that album to my phone from my library. Haha well one day that's going to happen. Well done great app.” — Kevinmmarkham
Super Helpful!
September 16, 2016
“So far this app is very intuitive and very helpful. The interface is a breeze. I can't find any faults yet! And I have cataloged at ton!!” — ScottlandOlds
Just the job
September 3, 2016
“Have been using the CLZ Book Collection app so thought it about time to get my CD's in order This app does the job really well Gave it 4/5 as it doesn't always recognise barcodes.” — fluffchucker*13
Great music app!
August 27, 2016
“There are a few items I have had to enter manually, but so far I have entered about 1100. Definitely better than a 99% success rate. If there is a better app for tracking your collection, I have not found it!” — MusicGuru63
Music list at you finger tips
August 22, 2016
“Been really pleased with this app, but had some problems at the beginning , which were me rather than faults in the app. There are couple of niggles, which the programmers are aware, and working on fixes. have sent them a few emails on the problems . they answered promptly and pointed me in the right direction 10/10 for support. It had a great layout and dhows all the info you need, and the ability to sync between devices, I can now go out a buy new music with out purchasing doubles.” — Malfunctionuk
Outstanding Database
August 21, 2016
“This is an excellent way to track your cd collection. Intuitive and and excellent search function. I have over 600 CD's loaded and it so easy to find a particular artist or track or album and then find exactly where in the collection it is.” — harry2305
This makes it SO easy!!
August 21, 2016
“I LOVE this app! Thank you so much!!” — My Shenanigans
Easy Peasy
August 14, 2016
“Aside from the odd hiccup, this app has worked great. The barcode scanner works like a charm. There have only been a few albums that I've had to enter in manually.” — MKrumbein
August 10, 2016
“Schitterende app. Van onschatbare waarde voor cd- en lp-verzamelaars. De onbetaalde versie is gratis tot 100, de onbeperkte versie kost ongeveer 15 euro maar is het geld meer dan waard!!!” — Piet Oppemoter

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