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Catalog your music collection and your wish list

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Browse, sort and search your music collection

Browse, sort and search your music collection

Automatically add albums to your music database

No manual data entry needed. Either: CLZ Music will automatically download full album details, including Label, Release Year,
Genres, full Song Lists and cover images.

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Automatically add albums to your database

Add personal information in the Edit screen

Organize and manage detailed personal information about your albums
like Purchase Date, Store, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

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Catalog your music collection & wish list

Sync your data with the Music Collector Connect cloud storage

Music Collector Connect is a web-based music organizing and cloud storage system for album data.
If you own a Connect software subscription (US $19.95 per year), you can sync your data with the cloud,
for online backup purposes and for viewing and managing your music collection online.

Do you own the Music Collector desktop software for Windows or Mac OS X?
Then you can use the Connect syncing to transfer your data back and forth
between the CLZ Music app and your Music Collector software.

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Sync your data with your Music Collector software (Windows, Mac or Connect)

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Music:


"Finally, a decent and good-looking music database! Love it! Now, the thing that would make it a masterpiece would be to integrate music listening apps to it. For example, I search for a piece of music that I have in my collection at home while im on the road, and there's a button that allows me to search for that same song on Spotify or Beats so i can have my music collection available online."

May 08, 2015

Very useful addition....

".... to the desktop version which I use to keep track of my vinyl collection when I'm out and about. Easily syncs my collection over a Wi-Fi connection. Occasional glitch when it fails to connect loses it a star but apart from that minor issue I'm very pleased with the app."

Kevin Cross
March 05, 2015

One of the most used app on my phone

"5 stars for the app as it is perfect to keep my album collection up to date. 99% of the albums I scanned were directly found and the manual search found the remaining 1%. Only few bugs and slowness that will be fixed in the future releases I am sure. However, 2 stars for the support team."

March 01, 2015

It works fine now! The best in genre.

"The title says it all..."

February 21, 2015

CLZ Music

"Easy to use... Very helpful... Bit expensive, but it worth it..."

December 27, 2014

Fungere fint

"Denne App fungere fint og helt efter hensigten. Nem at anvende og laver et fint katalog, der kan sync i skyen."

December 26, 2014

Good stuff!

"Really love the app hence the 5 star rating !"

November 17, 2014

Solid cataloguer

"This app gets better with every iteration. Works best as a companion to the excellent desktop or web based programs from Collectorz. So useful having my whole collection listed so I don't buy duplicates."

September 15, 2014

Review of CLZ Music App

"This works great! Being able to scan saves a ton of time. Thank you for the App, worth the money if you have a large CD Collection."

June 26, 2014

Great app

"So far everything I've scanned comes up, but the 14.99 price is a bit steep, but it's the easiest app I've found so far to keep track of my large cd library."

April 23, 2014

Excellent product

"An excellent product to get your music catalogue onto Android device. Using USB the data file can be written to your USB or internal memory and the application updated quickly."

John Spillett
April 23, 2014

Parfait complément

"Parfait complément à Music Collector. Très utile pour avoir sa base d'albums constamment avec soi."

Emmanuel Triau
April 19, 2014


"I like this application"

Maurepas Auguste
March 12, 2014


"The interface is intuitive and the application is stable. Barcode scanning works very well (autofocus helps when available on newer devices). The scanner negates the need for their scanner-only app if one uses their desktop software. The online sync helps keep PC + mobile + web completely unified. Some may find this solution pricey compared with competitor options, but from my experiments, their suites are the reference by which all others should be measured."

Audio Otaku
March 01, 2014


"I am totally impressed with everything the producer of this app offers. The app gives a very comprehensive database which allows storing & searching under a variety of criteria. The support online and by contacting the app's producer is second to none. I am a very happy purchaser."

Oh Doh
February 01, 2014

Excellent addition to excellent product

"Fantastic! I can now view my entire music collection on my phone wherever I happen to be. The import (via WiFi) worked perfectly and took about a minute. Great App."

Erik N
January 13, 2014

La millor aplicació per música

"Excel·lent per tenir controlada la col·lecció de música. Molt content i molt útil!"

José Antonio Hernández Tudela
January 11, 2014

Works great

"I have to say I am enjoying using this. The data available could better but I assume it will be as more people contribute to it."

December 06, 2013

Clz disc organizer

"Works as advertized. Worth the money."

AG 2013
September 28, 2013


"Collecting done right. Your stuff and people rawk out loud!!!!"

Chris Crowley
September 21, 2013

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