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Keep track of your music collection on your phone or tablet

  • Easily add albums to your database:
    • scan CD barcodes with your device camera
    • or search by artist/title (great for vinyl).
  • Auto-download song lists, cover art and more.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

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or just open the App Store / Play Store on your device
and search for "CLZ MUSIC"

The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock higher database limits using In-App purchases.

Available for iOS and Android

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Music

Been using clz since the beginning
23 May, 2016
“The best music database out there. Period.” — David Talley
22 May, 2016
“Simple et efficace pour gĂ©rer ses disques.” — Jean-Christophe Thomas
Love it
18 May, 2016
“I have used this app for years and it works great.” — Steve Rich
One word:
17 May, 2016
“GREAT!” — BarkinChaf
Great company & app
13 May, 2016
“Great app, has helped me many times with avoiding duplicate purchases for my 35+ year collection & for looking up album info.” — Scott Kornfeld
10 May, 2016
“Just a great app to use and easy to add and edit all my music. Keeps a good track of all my music.” — petrusjh55
Perfect solution
06 May, 2016
“I have been looking for this app for a long time. I have a medium sized record collection, most of which are over 50 years old. Just type in artist, album name then hit search. App will search the Internet and give you what it found you then select the result that best fits your album. In most cases it also includes album cover photo.
Only con so far is that you are limited to 100 in your collection. I'm sure that by paying for an upgrade it will give you more slots. So far I give it five stars. Update, still an awesome program! No crashes or freezing. And the cost to increase your data base is VERY reasonable!” — Fresburger
The Perfect CD Database
06 May, 2016
“Yesterday, found app. by accident. Intrigued, read this and comparable products' reviews. Downloaded item, quickly and easily assembled smallish CD collection in a clear, concise and wonderfully accessible way. Plus: Had difficulty downloading an album, contacted customer service and they responded in a timely, helpful and professional manner. I'm quite happy with product!” — Jmandjs
Works great
05 May, 2016
“I purchased this app quite a while ago and it works great, I've got over 4000 CD's and it helps to keep from buying duplicates. Keep up the good work.” — Michael Pitner
Best Musicdatsbase
02 May, 2016
“I really like this app. It was all I needed to keep track of my cd and vinyl collection. Easy to use and great support.” — Palle Drost

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