Catalog your music on iOS or Android
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Keep track of your music collection on your phone or tablet

  • Easily add albums to your database:
    • scan CD barcodes with your device camera
    • or search by artist/title (great for vinyl).
  • Auto-download song lists, cover art and more.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

Download your free trial version:

or just open the App Store / Play Store on your device
and search for "CLZ MUSIC"

The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock to unlimited for US $15 (In-App purchase).

Available for iOS and Android

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Music

Continuous improvements!
September 20, 2016
“Keeps getting better. New light skin and various fixes and improvement show that the devs listen and incorporate suggestions. I love Music Collector and the app. Great work!” — Greg Yurkovic
Clz music
September 17, 2016
“Great app so far. It's very nice you can see the tracks list as well!” — Maxud01
So far amazing
September 17, 2016
“Just got this app waited years to find an app like this. Having just added 4 albums at random from 2000 albums not only did it find them so quick from scanning the bar code but adding to my library was so quick. I started with the full app after adding the first album. Very impressed if it's like this with adding all my albums I will be over the moon and tell the world how good it is. I have all my albums on my laptop and often when I am out I can't recall if I have that one or not. So often end up wasting money on a second copy. Not now carry all with me. And can easy see what I fancy playing. Now if only I could stream that album to my phone from my library. Haha well one day that's going to happen. Well done great app.” — Kevinmmarkham
Super Helpful!
September 16, 2016
“So far this app is very intuitive and very helpful. The interface is a breeze. I can't find any faults yet! And I have cataloged at ton!!” — ScottlandOlds
September 15, 2016
“Just to say well done on the new CLZ Music edition for Android!” — Simon Zlachevsky
CLZ Music
September 15, 2016
“Best thing I ever downloaded and now I am using the app version linked to the cloud it even better as I can update wherever I am.” — Dave jones
Best version yet!
September 14, 2016
“I've been a user for about 8 years and this program (and now app) just keeps getting better and better. Super easy to use and has saved me multiple times from buying the same thing that I already had. Love it!!” — Chris Kouzes
This is the best yet!
September 14, 2016
“Better then having a PC version.” — Martin Ede
Great app
September 13, 2016
“Like the camera scanning function, thanks.” — James Stegemoeller
Brilliant !!
September 11, 2016
“The best app out there for cataloguing all my music and all in the cloud for ease of access or directly on my phone.” — Ian Brock

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