Catalog your music on iOS or Android
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Keep track of your music collection on your phone or tablet

  • Easily add albums to your database:
    • scan CD barcodes with your device camera
    • or search by artist/title (great for vinyl).
  • Auto-download song lists, cover art and more.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

Download your free trial version:

or just open the App Store / Play Store on your device
and search for "CLZ MUSIC"

The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock to unlimited for US $15 (In-App purchase).

Available for iOS and Android

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Music

Lange so eine App gesucht
24 July, 2016
“Top App. Endlich kann ich meine Vinyls zukunftssicher archivieren. Sehr einfache Bedienung, sehr viele Einstellungen individuell möglich. Guter Service und aktives Forum. Klasse!” — J Jagr
Es gibt...
18 July, 2016
“...nichts besseres. In Verbindung mit der PC Software unschlagbar.” — Ralf Schäfer
12 July, 2016
“So useful to know what you have wherever you are.” — Lionel Farrant
Very good, with room for improvement
09 July, 2016
“The app quickly locates album details when searching by title or bar code. However the results presented can be numerous so it can be time consuming to locate the correct version. If search results could be further filtered by catalogue number or format then time could be saved. Overall though it's a very good tool.” — Armando Fusco
Great app
09 July, 2016
“I was buying duplicate cd's, forgetting I already have them. This app has solved that problem.I also have so many cd's can't store then in one place. Again problem solved.” — Karl Holger
Great Music Organizer
09 July, 2016
“This app is easy to use. Great way to keep track of my music.” — Ari Chandler
Easily the best
05 July, 2016
“So easy to use. Great UI. Better than some paid for apps.” — Peter Davis
03 July, 2016
“If you need data base in your pocket of music (or movie or comics or book... with the others app) you just had to have this.” — Christophe OUARDJANI
Best Music collection organizer
02 July, 2016
“This is the best and easiest to use music collection organizer. I have a very large collection so it is nice to be able to check your collection at the store. Keeps duplication to a minimum.” — Shawn Martin
Organizational Savior
29 June, 2016
“Intuitive and easy to use. Keeps track of my cd collection and makes retrieval and collection management a breeze. All the other information, track listing, cover art and details are just icing on a very tasty cake.” — Rob Nelms

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