Catalog your music on iOS or Android
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Keep track of your music collection on your phone or tablet

  • Easily add albums to your database:
    • scan CD barcodes with your device camera
    • or search by artist/title (great for vinyl).
  • Auto-download song lists, cover art and more.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

Download your free trial version:

or just open the App Store / Play Store on your device
and search for "CLZ MUSIC"

The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock higher database limits using In-App purchases.

Available for iOS and Android

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CLZ Music for iOS

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Music

Great App !!
25 April, 2016
“This is a great app for keeping track of your music, and for finding music you don't have yet. Love it, easy to use :D” — Masey 143
24 April, 2016
“Very handy to have when buying CDs in-store. I have bought duplicates but not anymore.” — dek G
Perfect for Vinyl
17 April, 2016
“I've been looking for a way to sort my vinyl for a long time. This is a great way to keep tabs and track what I have for myself and God forbid I need to claim it for insurance. I love the ability to find the right category numbers and cover art or just create my own and snap a photo. Thank you.” — sammies
13 April, 2016
“Really good job!” — Mr Slowhand
Collectorz Music
13 April, 2016
“I think I was one of Alvin first customers. Have enjoyed this software since the beginning and love how it has evolved. By far, the best music cataloging software available.” — Michael S
Works great
10 April, 2016
“I buy a lot of CDs and records, and usually forget what I have. Having my collection database in my pocket means I can check what I have, and not buy something I already have. Over 5,000 items in the database and working great.” — Jamie Percival
Mit barcodescanner
10 April, 2016
“Und der funktioniert wirklich gut, man scannt direkt ohne weitere Eingabe mehrere CDs, dann muss man teilweise noch eins von mehreren Treffern ausw√§hlen und fertig! Geht echt schnell!” — David Boyesen
Excellent useful app
09 April, 2016
“This app has all the features and more that I wanted in an app. Everything works as it should and some things even work better than I expected them to. This is the app every serious vinyl collector should have. Nothing else compares to it.” — Terry Mann
Love it
09 April, 2016
“Thanks also for the excellent support.” — Chris Ray
Keeps track of everything!
09 April, 2016
“I'm very happy with this app! I've put 7,500 CDs in the system and it works flawlessly.” — woosta1

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