Main Screen:

  1. Add Movies
  2. Sync with Connect
  3. Import from Desktop
  4. Change View
  5. A-Z Sorting
  6. Settings
  7. Edit Movie
  8. Folders
  9. Collection Status Filters
  10. Main List

1. Add Movies:

Tap here to start adding movies to your collection. You can add by:

  • Title
  • Barcode
  • Manually (enter all data yourself)

More detailed information about adding can be found here.

2. Sync with Connect:

The most efficient way of managing your collection. You can sync your data to Connect then view it on any internet ready device. With a full Connect subscription you can also make changes to your collection within Connect.

More detailed information about synching with Connect can be found here.

3. Import from Desktop:

If you have been using our desktop software, you can import your collection directly, either via USB or Wi-Fi.

More detailed information about importing via USB/Wi-Fi can be found here.

4. Change View:

Tap to switch between view settings. If you hold your device in landscape mode, it will switch to a Cover Flow style view.

A detailed look at the Settings screen can be found here.

5. A-Z Sorting:

Changes the sort order of the visible list.

6. Settings:

Tap here to view your Connect login details and to check your subscriptions.

A detailed look at the Settings screen can be found here.

7. Edit Movie:

Tap here to open the Edit Movie screen.

You can learn more about the Edit Movie screen here.

8. Folders:

Folders allow you to group your collection together, for example by genre or format. Tap the folder icon to view the list of available folder sets.

9. Collection Status Filters:

Tap here to filter your collection. You can choose between All, In Collection and On Wish List.

10. Main List:

The Main List shows all of your movies, it also displays the contents of a selected folder. For example if you enable Genre folders, your collection will be sorted by Genre (as shown in the screen shot above). You can then tap on a folder to view the movies you have for that genre or tap on a movie in the Main List to view details in the Detail Template.

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