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Catalog your movie collection on iOS or Android

Automatically download movie details and cover art. Browse your movie database as a movie list, a cover "wall" or in cover flow mode (iOS only). View full movie information in the details panel. Group movies in Format, Genre or Director folders (and more). Search your database with the Quick Search box.

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Free CLZ Cloud storage of your collection data:

Upload your collection data to the CLZ Cloud to have a full backup of your data. Sync your data between devices (e.g. your phone and your tablet) through the CLZ Cloud. Or Sync with our separate Windows/Mac version of Movie Collector.

Catalog your movie collection & wish list

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Movies:

Fantastic app

"This app is AWSOME. I was able to enter and catalogue my collection of hundreds in just a few hours. It was easy and intuitive. Moreover I can easily browse and find which movie I'd like to watch. However I would also like to be able to sort on any of the parameters the program offers. I would also like to be able to remove any of the personal parameters I do not use.Provide those features in an update and it would rate six stars."

July 08, 2014

Excellent app

"We have over 500 movies and it only took a a couple of hours to scan them in. We were thinking it would take all week to catalog them. Worked seamlessly. One of the best apps I've ever purchased. Well worth the money just for the time it saves."

June 08, 2014

Great Design and App

"With the app now being fully functional I am changing my review to five stars. Collectorz does a great job building software to manage large collections. Paired with the clz cloud it is a great offering. Can't wait for the 2.0 edition of Game Collector."

Google User
June 01, 2014

Happy Now

"I had this on my old iPhone and was disappointed the Android did not have a stand alone version. Now that it's here, I am very pleased with it."

Robert Moffatt
May 27, 2014

Great App, Needs Loan Support

"Love the app, use it and the games version daily, but would love to have loan support on the mobile app when loaning movies to friends without needing to use my PC."

Clint Devlin
May 25, 2014

A Must If You Are A Movie Lover

"Excellent App! Worth the money. I found I had double on Movies. Now I have all my movies in any device at any time. Won't be buying the same movie twice again. Plus it gives you all details from movie, cast, rating, year, ect."

May 11, 2014


"The app does what it advertises, however it tends to occasionally crash after entering in a movie. I have entered over 200 movies and found this to be the only problem. Fix this and will give it 5 stars.

UPDATE: After further days of entering movie data and check with the app developer it was determined that ISO 7.1.1 temporarily made my IPad unstable. Since then it appears to have settled down and have no further crashes. I now give this very well thought out app 5 stars."

April 30, 2014

Excelent App

"Great companion App to Movie Collector on the Desktop."

Joao Dias
April 29, 2014


"Have used the desktop app for years. This is the perfect companion app. Excited about this update allowing movies to be entered directly into the Android app."

Jane Doe
April 27, 2014

Does the trick

"A+ but I thought it was gonna show background picture and also watch trailers besides that it's GREAT !"

April 27, 2014

Wonderful App

"I have used Collectorz for a long time without any problems. After buying an iPad my very large database is completely synced from the Cloud to my MacPro, MacBookPro, iPad and iPhone. All done seamlessly.
I have tried others from App Store and they are less than useless. Over the years the online support has been fast and very helpful. It may be a little more expensive but "You get what you pay for" and don't waste time adding data only to lose it for no reason."

Malcolm Kelso
April 26, 2014

Brilliant product

"Excellent company. Brilliant product. Buy with confidence."

Craig Giles
April 26, 2014

CLZ Movies

"Both the Android & PC apps."

Kevin Whipp
April 25, 2014

It just gets better

"Have been using Movie Collector on my computer for many years and on my Android for a few years, and with every release it just gets better. Now with this release you can scan straight to your phone, edit and watch trailers. To quote Tina Turner "It's Simply The Best""

John Kimbell
April 25, 2014

Love this app

"Love this app have both the computer and mobile app."

mohan bedessie
April 24, 2014

Awesome app

"Awesome app for my movie collection."

April 12, 2014

Great app

"This app is a winner and very useful for shopping. No more duplicates. Easy to learn and visually pleasing. Thanks for great app. Works well with desktop version also."

March 17, 2014

CLZ Movies

"Does the trick A+"

March 15, 2014

Worth the money

"Definitely worth the money if you have a large DVD collection. It helped me organize my collections of over 1000 Dvds."

Kytrell James
March 09, 2014

Nice to have app

"This app works easy, is nice to have and is a great catalog for al your movies."

March 08, 2014

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