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Catalog your movie collection on iOS or Android

Automatically download movie details and cover art. Browse your movie database as a movie list, a cover "wall" or in cover flow mode (iOS only). View full movie information in the details panel. Group movies in Format, Genre or Director folders (and more). Search your database with the Quick Search box.

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Free CLZ Cloud storage of your collection data:

Upload your collection data to the CLZ Cloud to have a full backup of your data. Sync your data between devices (e.g. your phone and your tablet) through the CLZ Cloud. Or Sync with our separate Windows/Mac version of Movie Collector.

Catalog your movie collection & wish list

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Movies:

Love it!!

"I've used the desktop version for years. A great easy to use program to catalog your movies. I couldn't get along without it."

Robert Jenkins
September 21, 2015

Love this app

"A fantastic way to keep track of your movies. No more duplicates."

Norm Rickard
September 19, 2015

Great App!!!

"Thought it was a little pricey at first but turned out to be well worth the price. Barcode scanner makes easy work out of entering a lot of movies, very nice interface, a lot of options, all around a very good app!"

September 14, 2015

Love this app

"Do you think you could put in a "movies last seen" option? That would be pretty cool/useful."

Josh Wyborn
September 13, 2015


"Loving the bar code scanner option... Used an older version a few years ago and it took forever to manually input movies and make sure the right version was selected. Bar code scanner makes entry a snap, it's infinitely quicker and more accurate.

Great for keeping up with a larger collection and also useful for picking out something to watch. It has also saved me from purchasing a title that I forgot that I purchased."

August 24, 2015

CLZ Movies

"Great system! Great to have Movie DB at my fingertips where ever I am. Great technicians involved!"

Reg Gosnell
August 09, 2015

Great Update !

"Does the trick A+ The new update Rocks !!"

August 04, 2015

I loved it

"Because it does exactly what I want. "

A.T. Willemse
August 04, 2015


"Much needed for my movie collection."

A Google user
August 03, 2015


"I have over 8,000 movies. I don't know how I would manage without it."

Nicasio Velazquez
August 03, 2015

I love this database

"It could just use aome tweaks here and there but other wise its great!!!!!"

Lichaun Trotter
June 25, 2015

Really like!

"Great to have handy when searching around for movie deals & sales so I don't duplicate. Also... When deciding what to watch there are several ways to sort which helps the selection process."

Debbie Davis
June 17, 2015

Best App for collection

"Have tried a few different apps over the years to store my collection data. This is the best app by far."

June 11, 2015


"I love the CLZ suite of apps."

Chris Brown
May 29, 2015

Movie database

"Have the full software on my pc and use this app to carry a copy with me. So easy to use and synchronise wouldn't be without it."

Gerald Bradley
May 28, 2015

A rock solid app

"This platform is brilliant. It seamlessly syncs with their cloud, desktops, and mobile apps. There are a few choices for tracking movies and this is the real deal. The bar scan mode is very well done. What sold me was the batch import feature of the desktop client. Well done."

Wm Cov
May 17, 2015



Jarkko Holmström
May 03, 2015


"Never had any problems works all the time."

Leo Waaleboer
May 01, 2015

Peter Stubbs

"I find it very useful when buying a DVD/Blu-ray from a shop. Because I have a large collection of DVD/Blu-rays. I find myself checking my App to make sure I've got it or not plus the updates have made this App worth every bit of money. (Good job CLZ Movie) keep up with the improvements what ever it may be."

April 29, 2015

Great app

"Great for keeping track of my Dvds, Blu Rays & Blu Ray 3D specially When I'm Buying New Ones."

Chris Fletcher
April 23, 2015

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