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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Movies

Easy to use
02 May, 2016
“Great app and very easy!” — Adam Hurshman
A great tool
02 May, 2016
“A great tool to keep track of your movies. It is much easier to pick a movie to watch when all the info is right there in front of you, rather than just a bunch of named folders.” — Rob Beckstrom
Perfect organizer
02 May, 2016
“Great app i have had it for yrs.” — Erwin Morley
Does what I need
01 May, 2016
“Keeps track of my movies and easy to use.” — Phil Silvio
Great app
01 May, 2016
“I've had this for several years and absolutely love it.” — Duane Vestal
30 April, 2016
“I love the software and the apps!” — Joshua Martin
Great App!
29 April, 2016
“Fit all my needs. Grateful.” — TheBeard1981
Great app for movie collectors
29 April, 2016
“Great app, and above and beyond customer service to back it up.” — Bill Cox
Exactly what I needed
28 April, 2016
“I have a collection of movies in many formats and this helps me keep it straight. VHS up to Bluray is added. Barcode scan is easy and you can add titles manually if the barcode is degraded or you own the movie as a digital copy.” — Stephen Hamilton
All better now
28 April, 2016
“Had this since 2010, did not realise you had to Log-in an account to retain unlimited films in the new 2016 version. Had some very helpful advice from Collectorz Support, showing me the way. Still the best app for films, with Cloud Sync available with Desktop version.” — karma1k

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