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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Movies

Great app
20 July, 2016
“Keeps me from buying doubles. Keeps me organized.” — Amber Riley
This app saved my life
20 July, 2016
“I sit here, staring in vain at my massive shelves of hopelessly unorganized media, hoping to find that one movie that I absolutely must see. I know I have it. I'm sure of it. My eyes light up. Is that it? No. It's the sequel. Let's not get distracted here. Surely the first one must be nearby, right? 40 minutes go by as I slowly come to the painful yet ultimate conclusion that I do not in fact own this movie. I have wasted a good chunk of my meaningless and empty life searching for a thing I never had. If only I had some way to easily search my collection so incidences like this could be avoided in the future. That's where Collectorz comes in. Their app is well designed and way more polished and less buggy than any of the free alternatives out there and their barcode scanning feature made it a breeze to import my hundreds of titles into the easily searchable and shareable list. If not for this app I'm sure I'd still be sitting and staring at a wall, searching for more things I don't own, muttering to myself like a crazy person and wishing some piece of software had come along to save me.” — SavedBySoftware
Good job
19 July, 2016
“Nice app. We have weds night movie night and now everyone can easily see my entire library.” — Thomas Voss
Best data app for movies
18 July, 2016
“Love having this app since I have 4000 movies on file easy to find out if I have that movie before I buy.” — Patricia Boehringer
Love the app
16 July, 2016
“Love the app and program very much. Keep up the good work. This app is the greatest one I've found.” — psx2gamer
Works great for keeping track of my collection
16 July, 2016
“I love the barcode scan feature.” — Willvan98
Easy and effective
15 July, 2016
“I had a different app for my movies and when I changed phones, I lost everything. This one gives me the possibility of sending my list to any phone I want!!” — Silvana Harsevoort
Best Movie database ever
15 July, 2016
“I have been using clz on my PC for years and on my phone since the first release and it's amazing I would highly recommend it to any movie geek! Best thing since sliced bread!” — David Hutchinson
Clz movies
14 July, 2016
“Great program. Great customer support.” — Alan McBride
Must-have app voor iedere neuroot ;)
11 July, 2016
“Alle apps van CLZ zijn een must. Zeker voor alle neuroten onder ons :) Als je nog steeds jouw collecties van DVDs, CDs, boeken, games, etc bijhoudt in excel of een lijstje in notes, dan is deze app zegen! Nu nog een app voor mijn sneakers!” — alonbenjoseph

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