Catalog your games on iOS or Android
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Catalog your games on your Android phone or tablet

  • Easily add games to your database:
    • scan game barcodes with your device camera,
    • or search for games by title and platform.
  • Auto-download game details, description & cover art.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for data backups and syncing.

Download a free trial version

or just open the Play Store on your device
and search for "CLZ GAMES"

The free trial is limited to 100 games.
Unlock higher database limits using In-App purchases:

+100 pack:US $1
+250 pack:US $2
+500 pack:US $3
+1,000 pack:US $5
+2,500 pack:US $8
+5,000 pack:US $12
+10,000 pack:US $15
+25,000 pack:US $20

Browse your game list in various layouts

  • Use the List View with titles and main info
  • or browse cover images in the Cover Wall view
  • Check full details in your preferred skin
  • Optimized layouts for Android Tablet, Phablet and Android Phone

Sort and search your game database

  • Scroll through in your games in one "flat list"...
  • or group them into folders, e.g. by Platform or Developer
  • Order your list by Title, Year or Index number
  • Use the Quick Search box to find a specific game

Easily add games to your database by barcode or title

  • Add games by scanning barcodes:
    • Scan game barcodes with your device camera...
    • and have your game instantly recognized
  • Or search our online game database by game title:
    • Enter the game title to search...
    • then pick the correct game from the results

Automatically retrieve full game data and images

  • Title, Year, Platform, Developer, Publisher,
  • Genre, Format, Audience Rating
  • Full description of the game, Series (where applicable)
  • Cover images and YouTube trailers

Customize your game entries using the Edit screen

  • Modify game properties (like title, format, etc..)
  • Create your own genre and tag classification
  • Track your "Completed" status and your wish list
  • Enter purchase info, your rating and notes

Use the free CLZ Cloud system for data backups, syncing and sharing

  • Backup your collection data in the free CLZ Cloud
  • Sync data between devices, e.g. Android Tablet and Android Phone
  • Browse your list online on the free CLZ Cloud site
  • Share your public cloud link with friends & family

Transfer data to and from the Game Collector desktop software

  • Already own the Game Collector software for PC or Mac?
  • Then seamlessly sync your data to this CLZ Games app for Android
  • Add games and edit entries on your mobile app
  • And sync the changes back to your desktop database


I have so many
30 April, 2016
“I have so many games that I can never remember all of them. Using this app I can catalogue them all and categorise them. This way I can easily find them all and others can see my collection. It's a great app.” — Marcus O'Brien
Game Collector
30 April, 2016
“Superb game collection app from retro to new!” — Darren Maycock
It's great
19 April, 2016
“With a collection of well over 400 titles I love the app. I don't have to worry about buying double of anything. Been using the app as well as the pc version for a few years now. I am glad that I was able to unlock the unlimited usage since I payed for the app a few years back.” — Joshua Sweeney
Incredibly useful
17 April, 2016
“Using it to organize and scan games is a breeze!” — Stephen Swan
Great support
11 April, 2016
“I don't usually write app reviews, but this app deserves it. I've been using this app for over 4 years in conjunction with the Windows program and I've never had an issue until recently. Customer support was fantastic and resolved my issue in less than a day. 5 stars all the way.” — Jim Lewandowski
Pretty cool
08 April, 2016
“Better than using an excel spreadsheet.” — SnaZZy_M00gle
Excellent collection tool
08 April, 2016
“I frequently use this to search my collection before making new purchases to make sure of what I do and don't have. It works great. I wish it had more options for show statistics of your collection and customization of icons.” — Chris Jelle
Great organization tool
05 April, 2016
“A complete and robust easy to use user interface.” — JoeZiehmer
Must Have !!!
03 April, 2016
“Not just this app but all the Collectorz apps are top Quality.....” — Rob Small
Great Collection Database app
03 April, 2016
“Very good app in combination with PC version. Using cloud to sync works flawless. This kind of database app is what every collector needs. Five stars if you can manage to get statistics in the Android app. :)” — Niels Kolkman

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