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Catalog your game collection and your wish list

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Browse, sort and search your game collection

Browse, sort and search your game collection

Automatically add games to your game database

No manual data entry needed. Either: CLZ Games will automatically download full game details, including Platform, Release Year,
Genres, Developer and cover images.

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Automatically add games to your database

Add personal information in the Edit screen

Organize and manage detailed personal information about your games
like Purchase Date, Store, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

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Catalog your game collection & wish list

Sync your data with the Game Collector Connect cloud storage

Game Collector Connect is a web-based game organizing and cloud storage system for game data.
If you own a Connect software subscription (US $19.95 per year), you can sync your data with the cloud,
for online backup purposes and for viewing and managing your game collection online.

Do you own the Game Collector desktop software for Windows?
Then you can use the Connect syncing to transfer your data back and forth
between the CLZ Games app and your Game Collector software.

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Sync your data with your Game Collector software (Windows or Connect)

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Games:

Great great great!

"Probably the best app for what it does."

March 21, 2015

Highly recommended!!

"If you have a large video game collection (and not always sure exactly every game you have) this is the perfect app for you! I have never had such an organized collection. Very easy to use. Thank-you CLZ!"

March 16, 2015

Amazing app for iPhone and iPad

"This app has not just met my expectations, but exceeded them. It is such an amazing app for and video game collector. I would even say essential."

March 14, 2015

Great App

"Version 2 is great and now offers the same functionality as the iOS versions. No longer to to connect to PC so good to use on the go."

Dave Stears
February 26, 2015

Fantastic for any game collector

"This app has been absolutely amazing. Already imported close to 250 retro games, and really helps me keep track of what I own along with details about each game. One feature that would be REALLY great would be to add the "Price Charting" prices that are available in the cloud, into the app. Knowing on the go if a game I'm looking at is a good deal or not from just my phone would be a really handy feature. :)"

Zach Zador
February 25, 2015


"It would be fantastic if the app could sync with clz cloud and allow games to be added through app. Hopefully soon...
EDIT: 2.0 is out and I'm very excited! Thanks CLZ"

Jake Crarey
February 07, 2015

Yay full version!

"I love this app. Thank you so much for the update. Been waiting a long time. Love the software, love the app, love the developers for listening to the customers and quick replies when you have questions or need help! Don't get freaked if your database is gone just download from the cloud."

Nina H
February 06, 2015

Fantastic Apps

"Have been a paying user of Collectorz Games & Collectorz Movies Android, IOS & PC software and apps for about 5 years now and they just keep getting better and better with each update."

wayne morley
February 06, 2015

Updated! Perfection!

"2.0 is updated and running!!!"

Tyron Wain
February 06, 2015

2.0 is awesome

"Don't listen to the comments about wiping on the new version as there is a warning about it. The whole app was changed. I have been waiting so long for this update!"

Rob Anderson
February 06, 2015

Must Have...

"This is a must have for any collector. Only thing I wish it had was a way to pull pricing from VGPC so you could look up approximate values of games while on the road so you don't over pay for something. It would also be interesting to have an approx value of your complete collection. Other then that this app is great!"

Liquid Wayne-O
January 29, 2015

Very good

"I collect games and this along with the desktop software is a very good way of recording all my collection. I collect modern and retro games and my main collection is Xbox 360. At this moment in time I have 403 Xbox 360 games and this mobile app is vital in keeping track of them all and also for me to check to see if I have a game or not when out game hunting.
Yes you need both desktop main program and mobile and both cost money, but when you have well over 1000 games this is brilliant to keep track of them"

Barry Wilson
January 28, 2015

Was ich schon immer gesucht habe

"Super funktionelle Videokamera Datenbank. Das einzige, das mir fehlt, ist eine Verleihfunktion."

January 19, 2015

Love It!

"Best game organizer on the market."

A Google User
January 19, 2015

A collector's friend

"Keeps my game and comic collection straight. Nice to have on my iPhone for quick reference while I'm out visiting yard sales!"

Cowboy Voodoo
January 14, 2015

Almost perfect!

"One of the best collection app ever made, but it would be perfect if the team could add some features like stats, fullscreen collection, card customizing, more interface changing, etc. Keep working on it !"

January 05, 2015

Absolutely the best for real collectors

"After recently starting to collect video games I quickly ran into the problem of ending up with duplicate titles and a huge need for a real wish list on me at all times. This app perfectly fills all my needs. It has data for quite a few old systems as well as the current one like ps4, Xbox one, and wii u. I'm able to easily scan barcodes on new games to add them to my collection then choose as well as manually for any used games I find. I can also add titles by either means into a wish list so I know when shopping what to look for. Having it on both iPad and iPhone is great as well. You have to manually sync up or down to the cloud but it's better than nothing. Having the large iPad for entering games then syncing to my iPhone so its with me in stores is so very helpful. I did run into some older games not being found but you can still manually enter them as well as snapping a picture to go with it. Overall this is the best collecting and cataloging app for both new and retro game collectors."

November 08, 2014

Great job

"Does not disappoint for retro collectors."

September 21, 2014

Does a great Job

"Using the iPhone five I was able to quickly catalog over 450 games. The barcode scanner was very accurate and for games without a barcode I was able to find via the title search. The reason I did not rated a five is on a few of the games it put the wrong game art and after deleting duplicates it puts you back at the top of your list instead of where you left off. The app works seamlessly between my iPhone 5 and my iPad allowing me to review existing games on my phone preventing me from purchasing duplicates. Then reviewing the details of my inventory on the iPad enjoying plot summaries and trailers. So far I found this app to be the best one and definitely worth the money as they say you get what you pay for."

August 04, 2014

Great for collectors

"I have both an iPad and an iPhone. This app is great on both. Convenient when you have a lot of games and are at the bargain bin looking for what you don't already have with the iPhone app, and a very fun way to organize your games and scroll through your collection to figure out what you want to play while looking on your iPad.
Must have for collectors, great app!"

C Dubb V
June 10, 2014

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