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Your movie database on your mobile device

  • Keep track of the games you own or want.
  • Easily add games to your database...
    • by scanning barcodes with your device camera,
    • or by entering just the game title.
    • Automatic description, developer, cover art & more.
  • Browse, sort and search your personal game inventory.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for data backups and syncing.
  • Sync data with the Game Collector desktop software.

Available for iOS and Android

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Games

Comment gérer au mieux sa collection
12 November, 2015
“Si vous êtes un collectionneur comme moi, vous pourrez gérer votre collection avec un classement par console, année, et une vingtaine de classement. Recherche par code barre, par titre. Possibilité de mettre en wish list (liste de souhait) puis de les valider dans votre collection. C'est en anglais mais c'est accessible. Je recommande vivement cette application, ainsi que toutes les autres applis de cet éditeur.” — technomaniak
Great app
06 October, 2015
“5 stars says it all!” — Chris Crowley
Great app
28 September, 2015
“It is really easy to use and so cool to keep my collection and to check it at any time. I hope more updates will come for this app.” — Flying777Eagle001
Best thing since the Atari 2600
24 September, 2015
“This app is so useful, I've been collecting for about 5 years and was always trying to find a program that does the amount of organization this app does. Amazing work, would recommend this to my fellow collectors.” — Danny_Bear29
Great app for any video game collector
31 August, 2015
“Seems to always have the titles. I haven't had to add any manually yet.” — Ralphie5686
Wonderful job
18 August, 2015
“I love collectorz apps!!!!” — Fabio Barciela
Serious collectors
15 August, 2015
“Is great for serious collectors, has a few issues like no strategy guides and weird database for cover art and such. But great none the less.” — Caleb Dishaw
Great product
12 August, 2015
“Thank you so much for your support and extremely quick response. Thanks again and thanks for such a great product. This app is immensely helpful to me and would recommend it everyone. ” — Paul Varrelman
Great App
07 August, 2015
“Best application for games archiving...i use it whenever im searching for games.” — Theyab Me
12 July, 2015
“This is a great piece of software, and would recommend it to anyone with a games collection. AWESOME!!!!!!” — Lance monkey