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Catalog your comic collection and your wish list

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Browse, sort and search your comic book collection

Automatically add issues to your comic database

No manual data entry needed. Either: CLZ Comics will automatically download full issue details, including publisher, imprint,
creator and character lists, sollicitation texts / plot descriptions and cover images.

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Automatically add comics to your database

Add personal information in the Edit screen

Organize and manage detailed personal information about your comic books
like Purchase Date, Store, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

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Catalog your comic collection & wish list

Sync your data with the Comic Collector Connect cloud storage

Comic Collector Connect is a web-based comic organizing and cloud storage system for comic data.
If you own a Connect software subscription (US $19.95 per year), you can sync your data with the cloud,
for online backup purposes and for viewing and managing your comic collection online.

Do you own the Comic Collector desktop software for Windows or Mac OS X?
Then you can use the Connect syncing to transfer your data back and forth
between the CLZ Comics app and your Comic Collector software.

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Sync your data with your Comic Collector software (Windows, Mac or Connect)

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics:

Great Program!!!!

"Great program! Really well-made defiantly worth the money!!"

Wolverine 72
November 15, 2015

No more buying double and triple of the same book

"Very easy to use. The app will pay for itself on the next haul."

November 15, 2015

Serious Comics Fan? Get this!

"If you are very serious comic books collector then this app is the one to go with over the rest of other apps to help you to keep a track of your comic books that you have in your inventory and also you can make a pull list with this app so that when there's next issues coming out you will be alerted to let you know that there's new issues you're waiting for is out. With this app you also can add personal info such as condition, value, if you have loaned your comic to then this app helps you to keep a track of the comic books that you have loaned to somebody and everything else that you need for your comic books. It's no wonder that CLZ (Collectorz Comic) has more customers than any others. ;)"

November 14, 2015

Amazing App, Worth Every Penny

"I bought this app yesterday, and logged every comic I own onto it today after I got home. I have some pretty obscure titles, especially indy titles and graphic novels, and I only had to manually enter a few. The database is very large and has a lot of information on a lot of books."

November 08, 2015

Best Comic Book App

"I love this App , it has saved me time & money organizing my comic book collection. It is worth the money since U will save much more then that in not buying doubles of what U already have . Very few glitches, I just reload it when that happens & it's fine . Love the way it is laid out & syncing to the cloud so nothing gets lost . I run it on my iPhone & iPad too . I'm going to buy the Book App next to get those all organized too ."

November 07, 2015

Wonderful app

"Great app for comic book collectors. If you have a large catalog this will help keep everything organized. Has every comic you can think of to add. Only problem is that some of the covers aren't exact. I go to a website to get them And manually add them in. That's the only downfall, and usually only happens with variants. Bottom line. Get this app."

Rock bell boa
November 06, 2015

Great app

"I have 32000+ comics and this program has been a great Boone to keeping my books in order. Yes, the app can't handle the total inventory but does well with tracking incomplete series."

Jack Young
November 03, 2015


"Easy to use! Works great to take care of my collection!"

Sabo 3
November 02, 2015


"This is a must have app. I've got over 3000 in my collection and can find things easily. I wish this app would partner with a company like Overstreet and let you see what your books are worth. That would be a great addition."

October 23, 2015

Pretty Solid Software

"Very handy having this as an app. Inputting comics w/ barcode scanning is great, the database is updated regularly, and I have no real complaints (there are some sorting issues w/ "The" but in sure there's a workaround for that I'm just not using)."

October 17, 2015

A Must Have

"After having and using this app I'd have to say that's it's a must for any collector. It's importance is IMHO 4th just behind bags, boards, and comic boxes."

October 12, 2015

Love it.

"Love all the cover art available. Easy to use and comes in handy!"

October 12, 2015


"I have used this app for nearly a year, and I absolutely love it. It's made organising my collection so much easier!"

A J Shephard
October 07, 2015

Beautiful Desktop Presentation

"I am extremely pleased with both the iOS version and the Pro Mac Version. The desktop view is my favorite, it's gorgeous. My experience was that I found less than 10 comics in my collection (out of 8000, mostly from the 90s) that either could not be found or had the wrong cover. Most times when you can't find your comic in the database, it's because you don't know the correct title to search for. I suggest opening the book and reading the copyright info for clarification. I have some obscure independents and they were in the database. I did have an issue on my iPad where the cover was wrong for the title, but this problem did not exist on the iPhone or desktop. I deleted the app, reinstalled and resynced with the cloud and all is well."

October 07, 2015

The best!

"What a great app. Works seamlessly across every platform."

October 02, 2015

Best app for comic lovers

"Can't live with out it."

October 02, 2015


"This app is amazing, I use it to record all my comics. It's convenient for when I need to check if I already have an issue or not. It's cloud feature instills confidence in that if my comics get erased from the app then I can download my collection all over again."

October 01, 2015


"Found this a while ago and been waiting for a while to get it. Don't know why I waited so long to get it. I got it less than a week and have already put over 2000 comics in it. I can do a box of 300 books in about 10 mins. The selector for divergent variants makes it easy to identify which version I got. I'll be getting the desktop version soon cause it has an ability to add a whole series at once instead of book by book. That's the only flaw. Phone version is one book at a time checked off the list then added together but the desktop can do a complete series in one click. This is the best version of comic recording software I've seen. I highly recommend this to anyone looking at it."

September 29, 2015


"I bought this for the PC a long time ago. I gave up on it because it was too complex to enter everything manually. Well i finally bought a tablet. Now use it as a scanner. Only wish i did this years ago so id have less comics to scan. A + so far to CLZ!"

Allan Wallace
September 29, 2015

Amazing app

"It's great."

September 27, 2015

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