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Catalog your comic collection and your wish list

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Browse, sort and search your comic book collection

Automatically add issues to your comic database

No manual data entry needed. Either: CLZ Comics will automatically download full issue details, including publisher, imprint,
creator and character lists, sollicitation texts / plot descriptions and cover images.

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Automatically add comics to your database

Add personal information in the Edit screen

Organize and manage detailed personal information about your comic books
like Purchase Date, Store, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

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Catalog your comic collection & wish list

Sync your data with the Comic Collector Connect cloud storage

Comic Collector Connect is a web-based comic organizing and cloud storage system for comic data.
If you own a Connect software subscription (US $19.95 per year), you can sync your data with the cloud,
for online backup purposes and for viewing and managing your comic collection online.

Do you own the Comic Collector desktop software for Windows or Mac OS X?
Then you can use the Connect syncing to transfer your data back and forth
between the CLZ Comics app and your Comic Collector software.

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Sync your data with your Comic Collector software (Windows, Mac or Connect)

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics:


"This is an amazing app!!! Have over 5000 comics, took less than a whole weekend to upload and store! Been looking for an app like this for a long time! Would highly recommend to anybody!!!"

July 14, 2014


"I've begun collecting back issues of Batman and this app came highly recommended. The integrated bar code scanner makes entering new books a breeze.
It's also nice to be able to track how much, the purchase date, and purchase location of all books."

Christopher Roberts
July 10, 2014

Great App

"This is a great app for database if my collection and looking up back issues. Love it!"

July 02, 2014

Great app

"Excellent app that integrates well with desktop and cloud versions!"

I think I'm lost
June 28, 2014

Awesome app

"I would give it 5 stars if I could add condition of comics right after clicking the add to collection button. Otherwise very handy and useful app."

June 24, 2014


"This app is absolutely amazing. Helps me keep track of all my comics. There are a few I can't find but it's far and few between."

June 14, 2014

Already paid itself while comic hunting!

"I'm a huge ASM fan and I've been filling in back issues whenever I can. I just recently got this app before I went comic hunting at a local used bookstore that has everything loose and unsorted. This app helped me find so many back issues that I didn't have I feel it's paid for itself with what I was able to pick up!
Like so many my only complaint is the ability to add comics that I've picked up that are on my wish list and have them be automatically added to my collection and remove the wished item. I'd give this app 5 *'s if that single feature was added.
The other minor complaints I have is the lack of a select all feature when adding items and the hard to press item at the bottom of the list. I hit close so many times and lose my progress.
Don't let these things deter you though. If you collect comics this app is a must! Wish I found it sooner!!!"

Mog the Destroyer
June 08, 2014


"This app has been a life saver many times. Take it too the comic book store weekly to make sure I am not doubling up on my fave comics. I was skeptical to spend money on it, but after reading so many good reviews I took the leap and do not regret one moment of it. I have yet to find a comic that isn't in the database. Even the old ones that don't have barcodes :)"

June 07, 2014


"Seriously great way to keep track of your books."

May 30, 2014

Excellent app

"Very happy with this as it is very easy to use. Excellent."

May 28, 2014


"Great app for keeping tabs on my collection."

May 26, 2014

Great App

"This is an amazing way to keep track of all you're comics and graphic novels. It's worth the $15.00 to download."

May 26, 2014

Awesome app!

"I keep a considerably large comic collection logged on here and it's so easy to keep up with, very convenient app, especially with the barcode reader; the only possible issue I've found is that a few of the cover images never load, which is a small price for how much this app helps me."

May 25, 2014

Great app

"Love it, helps me keep track of what I'm missing so I don't buy doubles."

May 24, 2014


"This app has been brilliant for storing my collection. After several doubles I can now access my wish list anytime. Fantastic."

May 22, 2014

Amazing app.

"Always looking forward to using this app and checking out my collection."

May 19, 2014

Great for conventions

"I've taken this app to a number of conventions and it has saved me from buying books I don't need. Great app and great company."

May 16, 2014

Clz awesome

"I have over 2600 comics and this app made it easy to catalog them is love it !! It's worth what I paid for !!"

May 11, 2014

Great organization tool for comics!

"This is a great way to quickly organize and track your comics. Very easy to use and sort through."

May 11, 2014

Straight forward

"Does exactly what it states. Easy to use, syncs between platforms. Basically its great."

May 04, 2014

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