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Catalog your comic collection and your wish list

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Browse, sort and search your comic book collection

Automatically add issues to your comic database

No manual data entry needed. Either: CLZ Comics will automatically download full issue details, including publisher, imprint,
creator and character lists, sollicitation texts / plot descriptions and cover images.

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Automatically add comics to your database

Add personal information in the Edit screen

Organize and manage detailed personal information about your comic books
like Purchase Date, Store, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

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Catalog your comic collection & wish list

Sync your data with the Comic Collector Connect cloud storage

Comic Collector Connect is a web-based comic organizing and cloud storage system for comic data.
If you own a Connect software subscription (US $19.95 per year), you can sync your data with the cloud,
for online backup purposes and for viewing and managing your comic collection online.

Do you own the Comic Collector desktop software for Windows or Mac OS X?
Then you can use the Connect syncing to transfer your data back and forth
between the CLZ Comics app and your Comic Collector software.

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Sync your data with your Comic Collector software (Windows, Mac or Connect)

Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics:

Amazing App

"I am so loving this app. Just started adding my huge collection and find this app so easy to use. Can't recommend this app more."

March 21, 2015

Great app!

"I have been using this app for a few years now and I have been very pleased with it. The reason I go with only four stars though is they do not always have titles/issues in the DB when they are released which isn't a huge deal. Also the naming and volumes are a little awkward. Again, not a huge deal."

March 21, 2015

Great app, perfect for your collection!

"I picked up this app based on feedback from other collectors, and I'm glad I did. The barcode scanner is great, but occasionally it will blank out when searching. In the span of an hour it happened to me twice, hopefully this is addressed at some point. Otherwise it's a solid app. The only reason they don't get s 5th star is that there is no price included for the items, but I can imagine that might be a headache to keep up to date."

March 16, 2015

Mandatory for any collection

"Using this program for more than a year. Great support and more than enough options. Sometimes overwelmed by all options, but never bought anymore a double comic."

Dutch Yeoman
March 14, 2015

Works great..! Just one thing missing

"I really like this app. Has a huge, comprehensive database that has even the more obscure comics. Hasn't failed yet to find any of mine. I just wish it had a built-in price guide or could link to one. That would easily get the fifth star from me."

March 04, 2015

Cataloging barcode reader great selling point

"Barcode reader in the app is the sell for me. Probably a good 95% success rate with it."

Aaron K W
March 01, 2015

Awesome app!

"Awesome app for any collector! Really easy to add your comics and a quick way to check what you have. I've got old and new comics from different publications known and not, and so far it hasn't had any problems finding the comic I was adding! On my first go I added 170 comics and I had to take a pic of just one cover because it couldn't find it. Personally I really like this app and I'm very happy that I purchased it!
Suggestion to the creator: maybe in the future updates you could add to be able to share your list on social networks or on personal blog? a link or as a document? I would like to have that option if I wanted to share my list with a friend through facebook for example instead of writing for hours what I have!
Anyway that's all from me. Time to add some comics :)"

February 26, 2015

Perfect for comic collectors

"The only reason i didn't give this app 5 stars is because of the price. $14.99 is a little steep for any app in my humble opinion. However, I bought it, and I think I'm getting my money's worth. The database is vast and accurate, every title has an informative description, you can keep track of titles that you need in your collection by adding them to your wish list, the list of comics is so up to date that you can add most variant covers to your collection list, and one of the most amazing things about this app is that you can scan the bar code on your comics for a fast add. You can also upload your comic inventory on the cloud, that's extremely helpful if you're getting s new device. This app is truly amazing, so if you can afford it, I'd definitely recommend it!"

February 25, 2015

Great way to track comics

"I had a huge box of old Superman comics in the garage that I wanted to inventory. I tried a free app and could tell after entering one comic that I would be spending hours adding them all. I bought this app and added them all in no time. It also has free storage online, so I have the database on several devices. I'm especially happy with having the cover art for each magazine. Definitely worth the price."

Baseball 9000
February 24, 2015

Amazing for Comic Collectors

"This app is absolutely amazing. I have old and brand new comics. It found every single one of them with all details, pictures of the covers. You can also backup your collection to their servers. I imported from my iPad to iPhone easily. I would personally love to meet the people who created this app. Well done guys!"

February 21, 2015

I'm in love

"Tried every other comic database because of price of this one. finally bought this one and it has all my comics plus variants. I LOVE THIS APP!!! Easy to use, has my older comics and independent comics. Only recommendation would be to add a feature to search for a series within a series you already have instead of having to search the name ask over again."

Nate Holcomb
February 21, 2015


"Great app. Easy to use. Does exactly what I want."

February 20, 2015


"I love it!"

February 18, 2015


"It would be nice if all the new comics and variants would have their pictures already uploaded and available when entering our comics. Also adding the option of saying whether or not our copy is graded and market value. Other than that, pretty darn cool!!"

Zachary Shankman
February 16, 2015


"This program has room for a few tweaks, yes, BUT, it makes life so simple when your digging through bins at a surprise comic sale!"

February 15, 2015

Great app!

"Perfect for my needs!"

February 09, 2015

Very helpful

"I've been looking for a comic book checklist storage program/app for some time. So far this app has been pretty nice to have. Sometimes the bar codes mid reads older comics but the search by title helps find what you need. I just need to get my collection all catalog."

February 07, 2015

Collectors love

"Love this app. :D this will stop me from buying duplicates in the future! Very easy to use and beautiful interface. Only problem I came across was it closed out on me if I scanned too many before adding to my collection."

January 31, 2015

No more returning books I have!

"Works great a few that has to be looked up by title.. But other then that great app!"

January 30, 2015

Awesome App

"Totally worth it. There are tiny things I would add to it, but even if they didn't, this is still an amazing app! The cover database alone is worth it. It allows for easily identifying the exact issue. Very helpful for issues with multiple covers."

Santiago V
January 29, 2015

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