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Available for iOS and Android

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics

Love this app!
February 17, 2017
“I love this app! I just wanted to say Thank You!” — Chris
Es genial!
February 17, 2017
“Para los cortos de memoria es una ayuda increĆ­ble!” — mato saw
Works great!
February 16, 2017
“I can scan and sync to or from my Droid phone or ipad. The search function is powerful. The cover database is thorough, though I've found a few holes in it. I'm still finding out what this can do...” — Bill Hansen
So easy
February 16, 2017
“Comprehensive yet easy to use.” — Dave Danner
Great tool
February 15, 2017
“Great App to control my growing collection. Easy to add & remove. Huge library.” — Miguel Munoz
CLZ Comics
February 15, 2017
“Keeps me from buying duplicates.” — Jason Pierce
Super easy to use!
February 15, 2017
“The barcode scanner is excellent.” — Chad Pierce
The best comic organizer
February 14, 2017
“Just found this app and am now in the process of organizing my 10 boxes of comics... efficient and effective with this piece of software.” — OllieKatt
I love this app
February 14, 2017
“I never spend money on apps but this one is so worth it because between grapjic novels and old age I really can't remember what comics I buy. This way I can check before I buy and not be fruatrated.” — Daria Campbell
Best comic organizer
February 13, 2017
“I love this app. It's great to be able to carry a database of all the comics I have and to be able to make a wish list of stuff I need to find. I use the app on my iPad and find it easy to add comics ether by using the barcodes or buy title if u know what u have can add 100s of comics in under an hour.” — Uncannyman

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