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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics

Must have for any comic collector
24 May, 2016
“Save time and easy to use.” — djfix8
Very user friendly
23 May, 2016
“First I'd like to say this app is AWESOME. I suggest it to my friends who collect books and media as well. I've been able to find all my comics with ease. Very user friendly. Keep up the good work.” — Byron Osbern
Sehr umfangreich, auch ältere Titel vorhanden
23 May, 2016
“Kann man sehr zur Archivierung seiner Sammlung empfehlen.” — Lupin 3rd
Perfect Comic Database!
22 May, 2016
“I was having issues before with the sync, but it has not crashed anymore. Love it! It's do fast and helps me know what I need to grab next time I'm at the shop, or if I'm traveling what I can grab if I find deals.” — Ken Everson
22 May, 2016
“I've been using this software for years. I started with the desktop version and now only use the app. It's a fantastic way to keep track of your comic collection, I wouldn't be without it. Highly recommended.” — Catamongthebats
Best Comic Collection App!!!
22 May, 2016
“If you're wanting to keep your collection organized this app is as good as it gets! I could elaborate or you could just download it and see for yourself!! Why are you still reading this? Grab your long boxes and get organizing!” — Reliable Jake
Everything I was looking for
22 May, 2016
“Great app strongly recommended for organizing larger comic collections. The Barcode scanner does wonders but some issues predate Barcode and you can manually search for and find those issues.” — Scott Fairfield
Best comic/movie catalog available hands down
22 May, 2016
“Best comic catalog by far. At first I didn't want to pay anything. However after trying the other apps, this is well worth any amount you choose to pay into it.” — Highly Motivated
Awesome tool for comic collector
21 May, 2016
“Great app so easy to know the comics I need it's super convienent.” — Owllicious
So simple. So fast
20 May, 2016
“Very intuitive, simple to use, inventory large collection in a short time.” — Shoots33Blah

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