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Available for iOS and Android

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics

Hope it'll be useful in con season
27 July, 2016
“Mostly I've done all my updates through the desktop application and just used this app as a way to check my collection, but hopefully once I start hitting some shows I'll be able to test out adding stuff via the app. But I'm loving it so far for how I've been using it.” — Jager Hein
27 July, 2016
“Organized perfectly.” — Superman_Sandhu
So awesome!
26 July, 2016
“Finally full access to my collection, and wish list, at home or on the road! Easy to scan new purchases and edit content.” — Jason mccart
Great app
26 July, 2016
“Helps prevent getting double of comics unless wanted. Want/Wish list is most definitely helpful in my case.” — Ed Cabrero
The best one around
26 July, 2016
“It is so organized and the cloud service option helps out a lot.” — SoSaysNatal
Great App - Must have for any comic collector
26 July, 2016
“With all my comics going straight into storage after reading I often accidentally by doubles, never again. Looks great, has all the covers so far, and very easy to use.” — batdan76
Awesome App!
25 July, 2016
“They make it easy to add your collection!!” — Jeff Wright
24 July, 2016
“From traveling around with pages of annotated spreadsheets that I wouldn't have when I ran across a random comic sale, this is an invaluable app! Synching with my PC is an awesome plus.” — Douglas Barker
Easy to use
24 July, 2016
“Easy to use to manage your collection. No need to manually us other type of system.” — SFC Bosques
Great idea!
24 July, 2016
“I'd been thinking of making an app for this very purpouse. Now I don't need to as the work has been done for me :) great app guys. Keep uo the good work.” — Haydn Johns

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