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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics

26 April, 2016
“Got the app and love it. A pleasure to add comics and find them again after.” — doug miller
Great app
25 April, 2016
“to log your collection and what you want/need to complete a collection. Highly recommend to the meticulous collector.” — Kurt Heinrich
Great app
25 April, 2016
“Awesome app can't ask for better!” — Marc Barriault
Great app
25 April, 2016
“Works great! I love this app.” — Brandon Showell
24 April, 2016
“I've been collecting for 30+ years and for the last 5, have been looking for a site/app to help me keep track of my collection. I've seen them all, and was let down. This app is what I was waiting for. Simply amazing! Thanks!!!” — Ultron_1
24 April, 2016
“Been using this app for over a year. Easy way to track and add your collection. I have over 1k comics and it took me a weekend to upload all of them. Layout is easy to find what series you are looking for and helps prevent buying doubles when going for back issues. If you collect comics this is a must have.” — benjamin houck
24 April, 2016
“Just what I needed now when I go looking at comics I can easily look what I have without carrying sheets of paper.” — Antman1305
It works
24 April, 2016
“It just does what it's meant to do. Plain and simple.” — Juan Erasmus
Great app
23 April, 2016
“Really helps me keep track of what comics I do and don't have. Prior to this app I was just making notes on my phone in notepad.” — Jacob Mckinna
Heaven Sent
23 April, 2016
“This app takes most of the quest work out of collecting. You'll never buy a duplicate issue again. If you take your time to fill out the values. You can use the list for your insurance. I've use the PC ver. for over 15 yrs.” — David Waweru

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