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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Comics

Great database
28 August, 2016
“Old classics, current comics and oddball publishers. This one has everything.” — Sardoth
28 August, 2016
“So far it's working great, easy to use and organized.” — Jessica Jones
27 August, 2016
“A great tool to have at a comic shop to prevent duplicate purchases.” — Matthew Nelson
Just started using it but I'm in love!
27 August, 2016
“Works great, I have several hundreds of comics and I sometimes forget what all I own or still need to collect. This app will honestly help me to finally catalog all of my issues and graphic novels.” — Okamikingu
Fantastic App
27 August, 2016
“This app is exactly what I've been searching for. It organizes and catalogues my huge collection and I can easily add to my wishlist or existing database.” — neenz16
Absolutely the best
27 August, 2016
“Sure it may be $15 to unlock more than 100 entries but it's totally worth it and you're never gonna find a better, more user friendly app than this. Highly recommended.” — Scott Cothron
Thank you
27 August, 2016
“Now i have a place for them all.” — Josh Lifford
Perfect for collections of any size
27 August, 2016
“Easy to use, fast, comprehensive!” — Steve MacNeil
Easy to use
26 August, 2016
“Some of the bar codes on older comics sometimes give you a lot of titles to go through but I find the title every time! Great app! Very easy to use!” — Semajiii
Amazing comic collecting app!!!
26 August, 2016
“I absolutely love this app! It is simple to use, yet it is able to record every single comic book I have. I have so many amazing Spider-Man and Deadpool comics so when I'm searching for more I use this app to keep record of which issues I have and which ones I don't. It also includes variants and a brief summary of each comic. Love it!!!” — 133ryry

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