Catalog your books on iOS or Android
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Catalog your book collection on your iPhone or iPad

  • Easily add books to your database:
    • scan ISBN barcodes with your device camera
    • or search by author and title.
  • Auto-download author, title, plot, cover art & more.
  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

Download a free trial version

or just open the App Store on your device
and search for "CLZ BOOKS"

The free trial is limited to 100 books.
Unlock higher database limits using In-App purchases:

+100 pack:US $1
+250 pack:US $2
+500 pack:US $3
+1,000 pack:US $5
+2,500 pack:US $8
+5,000 pack:US $12
+10,000 pack:US $15
+25,000 pack:US $20

Browse your book list in various layouts

  • Use the List View with titles and main info
  • or browse cover images in the Cover Wall view
  • Check full details in your preferred skin
  • Optimized layouts for iPad and iPhone

Sort and search your book database

  • Scroll through in your books in one "flat list"...
  • or group them into folders, e.g. by Author or Genre
  • Order your list by Author, Title or Year
  • Use the Quick Search box to find a specific book

Easily add books to your database by ISBN or title

  • Add books by scanning ISBNs:
    • Scan book ISBNs with your device camera...
    • and have your book instantly recognized
  • Or search our online book database by author and title:
    • Enter the author and/or title to search...
    • then pick the correct book from the results

Automatically retrieve full book data and images

  • Author, Title, ISBN, Publisher, Publication Date
  • Genre and Subjects, Number of pages
  • Format, Plots summary, LoC Classification
  • Dewey and Cover images

Customize your book entries using the Edit screen

  • Modify book properties (like title, format, etc..)
  • Create your own genre and tag classification
  • Track your "Read It" status and your wish list
  • Enter purchase info, your rating and notes

Use the free CLZ Cloud system for data backups, syncing and sharing

  • Backup your collection data in the free CLZ Cloud
  • Sync data between devices, e.g. iPhone and iPad
  • Browse your list online on the free CLZ Cloud site
  • Share your public cloud link with friends & family

Transfer data to and from the Book Collector desktop software

  • Already own the Book Collector software for PC or Mac?
  • Then seamlessly sync your data to this CLZ Books app for iOS
  • Add books and edit entries on your mobile app
  • And sync the changes back to your desktop database


CLZ Books
20 April, 2016
“This app is working great so far. Easiest to use of the four I downloaded and just what I wanted to keep track of books I've read and those I want to read. Thumbs up.” — Mfrogs
This is a great app
20 April, 2016
“This app is all that I wanted. I moved my files from another app with no problem. I did have a problem awhile ago but the authors fixed the software and all worked. I would recommend this to all.” — Limpy38
Great app!
20 April, 2016
“I have tried several of these types of apps, and this has been the best one! The customer service is also fabulous!” — Blueberrylover1998
Good and always getting better
17 April, 2016
“I only wish that I could easily transfer my books from my old original app to my newly updated one. It is a good app.” — TeriJ56
16 April, 2016
“Bonne appli pour livres et BD.” — DReacher
13 April, 2016
“Easy to use and great support.” — Phree thought
Super helpful
10 April, 2016
“Exactly what I was looking for and very quick.” — Capt.Kirk!
CLZ Books
09 April, 2016
“Awesome app - perfect to store my book collection. ” — Prilj
Great app
05 April, 2016
“Really useful when looking got keep track of books you read or want to !” — Tuffs uae
Awesome software
03 April, 2016
“The easiest way to catalog my books and ensure that I don't pick up duplicates.” — Ragsdelight

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