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  • Use the free CLZ Cloud for backups and syncing.

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Available for iOS and Android

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Books

Two-thumbs up!
25 April, 2016
“I was excited to hear about this app from a friend! Being a book and movie collector, this app will help me not buy multiple copies! Looooove it!” — diana saucedo
Excellent app
25 April, 2016
“Works perfectly along with my PC version. Highly recommended.” — Barry Allen
Been using this since it first came out
24 April, 2016
“Best book database app ever! I use it all the time, wherever I go. I always have an up-to-date list of my books and my wish list!” — Stephanie Griffin
CLZ Books
20 April, 2016
“This app is working great so far. Easiest to use of the four I downloaded and just what I wanted to keep track of books I've read and those I want to read. Thumbs up.” — Mfrogs
This is a great app
20 April, 2016
“This app is all that I wanted. I moved my files from another app with no problem. I did have a problem awhile ago but the authors fixed the software and all worked. I would recommend this to all.” — Limpy38
Great app!
20 April, 2016
“I have tried several of these types of apps, and this has been the best one! The customer service is also fabulous!” — Blueberrylover1998
17 April, 2016
“I have been using Collectorz apps for quite a few years now, and just wouldn't be without Book Collector. Having a version in my pocket helps me when I am trawling through the book markets and charity shops looking for books to add to my collection, as it allows me to see if I already have any of the ones that I find there. With the mad amount of books I have, it is very easy to forget. :P” — A Google user
Good and always getting better
17 April, 2016
“I only wish that I could easily transfer my books from my old original app to my newly updated one. It is a good app.” — TeriJ56
16 April, 2016
“Bonne appli pour livres et BD.” — DReacher
13 April, 2016
“Easy to use and great support.” — Phree thought

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