Barcode scanner for iOS and Android
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Buddy for Barry companion software

To send barcodes to any program on your PC or Mac computer, you need to have the Buddy for Barry software installed.

NOTE: Buddy for Barry is NOT needed if you only want to send barcodes to the desktop programs as these have the Buddy functionality built-in.

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Awesome scanner app
September 2, 2016
“Scanned every movie, comic and CD that I had with no problems. Great addition to their existing software.” — Henry Greenhouse
Love this companion app!
July 14, 2015
“Works great!” — David Ruggiero
Works great now!
July 12, 2015
“Thank you for addressing the comic book scanning issue.” — Shannon Bozarth
Thank you
July 10, 2015
“Works great again!” — Rusty Dotson
Great time saver
July 10, 2015
“I love using this app. It's so much faster than manual entry that I had to do years ago when entering the collections from scratch. And now I can also see the titles in Barry as well so I know I'm getting the correct disks entered.” — Joe Sobel
V2 - After hotfix
July 9, 2015
“I've now updated to v2 with Hotfix, the app launches and works perfectly. The design changes look great and us visually appealing. Great Job!” — Joseph Karns
Paired with Clz Books/Movies
June 29, 2015
“I can't tell you how excited I am to have this app enhance the Clz software I've already purchased to catalog our small church library of about 6,000 books. I've been dreading the process of converting our old card catalog system to an electronic system because I thought it would be so tedious. Now I can scan batches of books at once, and within minutes of syncing with my laptop they're cataloged! And I can easily use the print-to-labels function of the software to print labels for my books. You've helped me go from dreading this process to loving it! Thank you sooooo much!” — Katie Counts
Excellent company/excellent products
October 19, 2014
“I use Music Collectorz and Barry has helped with maintaining a current list and doing so easily.” — A Google User
Love it!
September 12, 2014
“Makes it fun to get organized!” — Frank Eklund
Barry matched with CLZ Movie rocks!
July 21, 2014
“Works like a charm to scan movie bar codes to catalog one's collection.” — Steve Leone

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