Scan barcodes with your iPhone, iPad or Android camera
and instantly beam them to any text box on your PC or Mac.

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For the iOS edition:
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Wireless barcode scanning

"Offline" scanning and sending in batch

Automatic title and image look-ups (optional):

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Of course, CLZ Barry seamlessly operates with all programs, for Windows and Mac, any version:

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Here's what customers have said about CLZ Barry:


"Works good!!!"

Pierpaolo Farsetti
March 26, 2014

Excellent App!

"I bought an comic book collecting program which recommended this app to scan the barcodes. It works exactly as promised. My learning curve was finding out that there are different kinds of barcodes, and you must choose what kind of product you're scanning, which is done on the bottom center. Once I chose comics, it worked perfectly."

March 01, 2014


"The app is excellent for quickly scanning your books into your library."

Brian Calvert
February 28, 2014


"I have finished scanning my 466 movies. I now have to scan TV shows. So far we are enjoying the application."

Robert Lesser
February 24, 2014

Under control

"Brought my hundreds of books under control. Find the sweet spot and scanning is super rapid."

February 18, 2014

Incredible app

"A compliment for this incredible app I have tried many barcode scanners, but none has done what I wanted. "

Patrick Fruh
February 17, 2014

Works great

"The scanner has saved me loads of time entering in my collections."

February 16, 2014

Good one

"Its Great prg."

ironice pereira
January 23, 2014

Awesome App

"This app does what is intended to do with ease. It is currently helping me to catalogue a few thousand CDs and making the task a lot more easy. I am delighted!"

Oh Doh
January 17, 2014

Amazing application!!!

"This is an amazing application and so clever. It reads the barcodes and are transfered straight away to your mac. This saves you lots of time.
It is perfect for my business! 5 stars"

J Camus Negrete
January 13, 2014

Works great

"Does exactly what it says it does."

December 26, 2013

This app is great

"I scanned 80 DVDs today. Batch processing works great. 3,920 DVDs to go."

Alan Dombrow
December 06, 2013


"Great app. Very useful."

Pedro Blasco
November 26, 2013

Beyond expectations

"This is a fantastic app. It does all that it claims (at least to the extent of features I have uses) and does it better than I expected. Scanning is fast and accurate, and very robust. Has picked up when barcode was only showing less than 1/16 of an inch, read through sticker residue over barcode; old, new, glossy, dull, faded it has read them all. Using it with Bookpedia and it is working flawlessly."

Captian Harbatkin
November 18, 2013

CLZ Barry - barcode scanner

"This is an awesome app. I just love using it."

October 25, 2013

CLZ Barry

"I've been collecting and reading comic books for close to two years. As a child I always loved to read them as well. I love the escape and fantasy that they provide for the reader.
Some of my favorites are Old Man Logan Kingdom Come Justice Killing Joke Res Hulk just to name a few.
So now that I have over 500 comics I need to stay organized. I went on the internet and found only a few programs to help the collector categorize there collection. So after doing some due diligence I have found this amazing iPhone scanning program called CLZ Barry.
I have been super happy with it and would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys to read discuss collect the document there comics and trade publications. "

October 23, 2013

Muy buena

"Es muy buena me gusta pero calienta mucho mi iphone hojala areglen eso pero es muy efectiva al escanear."

Hard king
September 27, 2013

Amazing app.

"I really like this app. It makes entering comic books easy."

September 15, 2013

CLZ Barry

"Well worth the price does exactly what u want - fast-accurate very good."

September 09, 2013

Great ap

"Makes scanning my books much easier best scanner I've had."

Ann Cullen
September 01, 2013

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